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Simon Victor
The City of Immortals 03.04.2018 to 27.04.2018

03.04.18 27.04.18

Simon Victor is a multi-disciplinary artist working in various media, ranging from traditional painting to abstract digital art, live video art & experimental new media. He exhibited video work at the  SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas, USA. Using his illustration & media art skills he has been working in various roles as a concept artist, storyboard artist, art director, creative director & live TV studio director in both Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. He also experiments with live video art & projected animations which he has incorporated into live VJ performances at dance music venues such as The Vulcan Gas Company.

Exploring and absorbing the city’s atmosphere of the writer who has inspired and guided him to reflect about many different existential concepts such as mortality-time-duality-above-below is what Victor is willing to do during his residency at ´ace. By researching texts, essays, interviews and videos related to Jorge Luis Borges, Victor will develop an installation work which will play with the ideas of labyrinths, reflections, the fragmented, etc.

The project would center on the juxtaposition between youth and the older history of the city exploring the theme of immortality. In much of Borges’ work I believe he plays with this theme of Immortality and I think it is a concept intimate to all humans. It means different things to us at different times of life. Young people usually behave as if they are invincible as they were blessed with rude health and naivety. However this changes as we age as we slowly realize how fragile we are. Being human is irrevocably linked to mortality. The concept of immortality is a fantasy and seems to be intimately connected with our knowledge that one day we will die: Memento Mori.

The installation The City of Immortals opened the 25th of April in the exhibitions spaces of Fundación´ace.

Simon Victor
1977 | United Kingdom.
Lives and works in Austin, Texas, USA

1996 | Foundation Diploma in Fine Art from Bourne Grammar School, UK
2000 | Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Film, University of Plymouth, UK

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Simon Victor


Mirrors was the title of the ´aceNITE that brought international artists and local artists together with the intention of fostering local production and reflection, as well as putting it into dialogue with the international artists that are working in Argentina.

Simon Victor, artist in residence from the UK, presented a site specific installation in the Políglota Room as part of the project The City of the Immortals.

Juan Carlos Urrutia participated with works from the project Cultivation Laboratory in the Transversal Space.

Finally, in the Central Hall and Mezannine Space, works by Angela Ferrari, Juan Pablo Mariano, María Victoria Maggiori and Denise Lara Margules were exhibited.

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The City of Immortals
Simon Victor

25.04.18 04.05.18

After exploring and absorbing the city’s atmosphere of the writer who has inspired and guided him to reflect about many different existential concepts such as mortality-time-duality-above-below, Simon Victor, British multi-disciplinary artist based in Austin, USA, presented the site-specific installation The City of the Immortals. Victor transformed the Políglota Room into a different dimension through optic effects and games of reflection and projection in addition to video-art, animation, mapping and ambient music that created a very dreamy and trippy atmosphere.

Victor made the spectators submerge into spaces and non-spaces like Borges did it with his poetry:

I, who felt the horrors of mirrors / Not only in front of the impenetrable crystal / Where there ends and begins, uninhabitable, / An impossible space of reflections, // But of gazing even on water that mimics / The other blue in its depth of sky, / That at times gleams back the illusory flight / Of the inverted bird, or that ripples, // And in front of the silent surface / Of subtle ebony whose polish shows / Like a repeating dream the white / Of something marble or something rose, // Today at the tip of so many and perplexing / Wandering years under the varying moon, / I ask myself what whim of fate / Made me so fearful of a glancing mirror. // Mirrors in metal, and the masked / Mirror of mahogany that in its mist / Of a red twilight hazes / The face that is gazed on as it gazes, // I see them as infinite, elemental / Executors of an ancient pact, / To multiply the world like the act / Of begetting. Sleepless. Bringing doom. // They prolong this hollow, unstable world / In their dizzying spider’s-web; / Sometimes in the afternoon they are blurred / By the breath of a man who is not dead. // The crystal spies on us. If within the four / Walls of a bedroom a mirror stares, / I’m no longer alone. There is someone there. // In the dawn reflections mutely stage a show. / Everything happens and nothing is recorded / In these rooms of the looking glass, / Where, magicked into rabbis, we / Now read the books from right to left. // Claudius, king of an afternoon, a dreaming king, / Did not feel it a dream until that day / When an actor shewed the world his crime // In a tableau, silently in mime. // It is a strange dream, and to have mirrors / Where the commonplace, worn-out repertory / Of every day may include the illusory / Profound globe that reflections scheme. // God (I keep thinking) has taken pains / To design that ungraspable architecture / Reared by every dawn from the gleam / Of a mirror, by darkness from a dream.  // God has created nighttime, which he arms / With dreams, and mirrors, to make clear / To man he is a reflection and a mere / Vanity. Therefore these alarms.

Music collaboration with Antonio Boyadjian

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Simon Victor
1977 | United Kingdom
Lives and works in Austin, Texas, USA

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