Sebastián Podbersich

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“Action in art as a process of transmutation for human transformation”

My artistic experience is part of the Argentine transfeminist scene of struggle and visibility for the Rights of the dissident community. As an artist and activist, I find in expanded graphics and its transdisciplinary methodology, an artistic development that allows me, in the urban fabric, to articulate different devices that can critically rethink social constructions.

Shared experiences

International Action for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion During my volunteering at Proyecto ´ace in 2018, I had the opportunity to work and assist Canadian artist, Jackie Nicholas. Her residency consisted of making woodblock posters that claimed the full sovereignty of our bodies, a cause that united us.

The Latin American transfeminist movement that aroused voices in the North, prompted Jackie to make a sticker on the streets of the San Telmo neighborhood, which I accompanied with my photographic posters for the right to legal, safe and free abortion. This cause that brought us together, brought us together again through distance. During the March 8, 2019, within the framework of the 3rd International Transfeminist Strike, also known as the commemoration of International Women’s Day

Worker, we made an international sticker and simultaneously, in the cities of Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Vancouver. Through the same image, color and phrase (in their respective language of each country), we claim once again for the Right to full sovereignty of our bodies, for the Right to Legal Abortion. This action was presented and selected as a presentation for the International Seminars Against the Canon, Art, Feminism (s) and Activism (s). From the 18th to the 21st century of the 12th Mercosul Biennial.

Łódź Artist’s Book Museum, Poland

On my trip to the city of Łódtertain in Poland, in 2019, I was able to meet again with the artists Aleksandra Ilkiewicz and Przemek Hoffer, whom I met during their production residency at Proyecto ´ace in 2018 during their stay in Buenos Aires.
I had the opportunity to visit the place where they work, the Museum of the Artist’s Book, which has a large typographic workshop. There I was able to continue working on my Manifesto, which I translated into Polish and printed on old sheets with letterpress technology.

Sebastián A. Podbersich
1986 | Buenos Aires City, Argentina
Lives and works in Merlo, Buenos Aires.

2019 | Co-founder and Head in Memoria Gráfica Estudio workshop, Merlo, Buenos Aires
2018 | Volunteer in residence in Proyecto ´ace Foundation for contemporary Art, City of Bs As
2017 | Assistant at Lithographic Engraving Workshop Aida Carballo, Museo de La Cárcova, UNA
2017 | Assistant of the Artist and Teacher Lorena Pradal, 4th National Encounter of Printmaking, Mar del Plata
2015 | Assistant of the Artist and Teacher Néstor Goyanes, City of Bs As
Since 2013 | Bachelor in Visual Arts, UNA, Argentina

2016 | Casona de los Olivera, City of Bs As
2017 | 1st Litography International Encounter, Museo de La Cárcova, UNA, City of Bs As
2017 | Night of the Museums, Museo de La Cárcova, UNA, City of Bs As
2018 | El Sabato Cultural Space, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, UBA, City of Buenos Aires
2018 | Muestra Heterodoxa, Museo de La Cárcova, UNA, City of Bs As
2019 | Łódź Fine Arts Academy’s Gallery, Poland
2019/2020 | Seminario Internacional Contra el canon Arte, activismo(s) y feminismo(s) siglos XVIII- XXI, 12th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2019 | International Summer Course, Printmaking and Textil Art (PATA), Łódź, Poland
2019 | No Work No Shop, Grupo Etcétera, Museo de La Cárcova, UNA, City of Bs As
2020 | Scholarship for circulation and promotion of the arts (Grupo Memoria Gráfica), National Endowment for the Arts, Argentina

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Artists in Dialogue

05.08.19 17.08.19

For seven years the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź in Poland has organized the famous PATA International Summer Courses – Printmaking and Textile Art whose aims are to promote the artistic traditions of Łódź in the fields of graphic art and textile art. During its past editions, the event gained international prestige and became one of the main summer education centers in Europe where artists and students from all over the world come, including Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Spain. , The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Iceland, India, Japan, Canada, Columbia, Cuba, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, the Republic of South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy. While these courses deepen knowledge and practice engraving techniques and textile art, participants gain international experience, expand their chain of contacts and have the opportunity to exhibit their work in an international context.

As part of an exchange agreement signed between the Fundación´ace and the Academy of Arts and Design of Lodz, in 2017 an open call was made for Argentine artists from which the artist Eugenia Foggel was selected. In 2018, reciprocally, we received the Polish artist Aleksandra Ilkiewicz, doctoral candidate of the Academy. In 2019 the exchange was made with teachers from the academy: Alicjia Habisiak Matzack and Tomas Matzack traveled to Buenos Aires as guest artists while the academy awarded two young members we selected from our team to their PATA courses: Cecilia Candiani, Assistant Executive and Sebastián Podbersich, who was a volunteer-in-residence in 2018. In this way Cecilia and Sebastián traveled to Lodz during the European summer participating as exchange scholars in the seminar of the Canadian artist Marilene Olivier: Graphics in the 3rd and 4th dimension.

PATA seminars are intended for students and graduates of Polish and foreign academies and for all artists who wish to learn or further develop their skills in the aforementioned fields. The objective of the course program is to awaken and cultivate by offering traditional forms of artistic expression as well as innovative technologies developed by leading artists. The fellows had access to the excellent study team from the Engraving Department, the Textile Art Department and the Textile Printing Department. The scope of the topics covered during the classes was adjusted to the individual needs of the individual participants and an exposition was made at the end of it.


It is an international network of public and private institutions, whose objective is to cooperate in the field of the promotion of engraving and textile art courses around the world established in 2014 and consisting of:
_ Atelier Empreinte. Luxembourg
_ Galleria Arte e Pensieri. Rome, Italy
_ Stamperia del Tevere. Rome Italy
_ The Integral College of Akureyri on the island
_ Fundación´ace for Contemporary Art. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The residencies of Argentine artists were made possible thanks to the Exchange Agreement (of academics with the ´ace team and of artists, both Argentine and Polish) that was signed between the Fundación´ace and the Academy of Arts and Design of Lodz in 2016.

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The Latin America's Paris

Buenos Aires is Argentine Republic's capital city. With 15,000,000 inhabitants, it is one of the largest cities in Latin America and one of the 10 most populous urban centers in the world. Its cosmopolitan and urban character vibrates to the rhythm of a great cultural offer that includes monuments, churches, museums, art galleries, opera, music and theaters; squares, parks and gardens with old groves; characteristic neighborhoods; large shopping centers and fairs. Here we also find a very good lodging facilities, with accommodation ranging from hostels to five-star hotels of the main international chains. Buenos Aires also show off about its variety of restaurants with all the cuisines of the world, as well as to have cafes and flower kiosks on every corner.

A neighborhood founded on the Jesuit farms in the 17th century

We are located in Colegiales neighborhood where the tree-lined streets, some of which still have their original cobblestones, invite you to walk. Although the apartment buildings advance, low houses still predominate. It is a district of the city where about 20 TV production companies, design studios, artist workshops and the Rock&Pop radio have been located. The neighborhood also has six squares, one of which pays homage to Mafalda, the Flea Market, shops, restaurants and cafes like its neighboring Barrios de Palermo and Belgrano, with which it limits.

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