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Ian Ballantyne

26.11.18 21.12.18

Ian Ballantyne mostly creates prints and animations. Focusing on repetition and reassembly, he has seen the process of making and the moment of interpretation to be the driving forces behind his work.

His prints and animations pull from daily events and stories that he collects from the people and environments around him. These moments are drawn and researched through heavy proofing, reworking and exposition of his prints, and by his use of the “.gif” medium as the primary form of interacting with his animation.

The proof as a documentary piece allows Ian to lay the transformation and abstraction of one of his subjects and gives the viewer a chance to explore this process for themselves, or to meditate on a specific moment in the history of the image. This chance to view the print as a sum of its process echos a fundament of animation’s call on images to work together to create something coherent from its separate parts. It is this relationship between animation and printmaking that Ian has been exploring as he asked the format of the orthodox print and time-based media.

Ian Ballantyne
1991 | Columbus. Ohio, USA.

2018 | China Academy of Art Master of Printmaking, Zhejigang, China.
2014 | Columbus Collage of Art and Design Bachelors of Fine Arts, USA.

2016 | Arrowmont in Tennessee, USA.
2014-2018 | China Government Scholarship.

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Open Studio

Ian Ballantyne


Ian Ballantyne mostly creates prints and animations. Focusing on repetition and reassembly, he has seen the process of making and the moment of interpretation to be the driving forces behind his work.


Polo is a documented series of mono prints shown as a stop-motion animation. The piece depicts the subject riding a chair while focusing on certain repetitive moments of their gallop around the screen. This repetition mimics the action of the printing process and the plate responsible for making the images, which the viewer catches glimpses of throughout the animation. The imagery, coupled with the sound of the gallop and breath of a Crillo, attempt to add grace and power to an otherwise mundane action.

The video is part of an installation with the 200 prints that compose the piece.

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´aceNITE, Open Studio

Final Eighteen
Artists in Dialogue


On December 19th, 2018 we kissed the year goodbye together with the artists from the last period, who presented their projects in an Open Studio together with invited artists. The participants were:


Shadows of the City


GUILLERMO MENA (Córdoba, Argentina)
Redundant and Irrecoverable Landscape

ANDRÉZ MARTÍNEZ (Uruguay/Argentina)
Crossing the Line

Invited artist
Andréz Martínez (Uruguay/Argentina)

International Projects

Cubes of Temptations
Artists in dialogue

14.11.19 17.11.19

In 2019 FIG Bilbao, International Art on Paper Festival,  reinforced its international character by designating Argentina as a guest country and including the Fundación´ace as one of the invited Argentine institutions. According with this,  the foundation participated in a special project within the fair: the “Cubes of Temptations”. This is an exhibition space made up of 2x2x2 meters wooden cubes where emerging artists and / or advanced students carry out interventions taking as a central theme paper in any of its variants. This section of the fair wants to give visibility, disseminate and enhance emerging artistic practices and are offered as utopian spaces to carry out projects based on works on paper that embrace / coexist / dialogue together with the continent (the wooden cube), which instead it can be transformed into content.

Within this framework, the organizers offered Alicia Candiani, our director, the curatorship of four of the “Cubes of Temptations”. The proposal was a very welcome challenge for Alicia, completely  alined with her theoretical and practical explorations about the expansion of the limits of artistic practices that involve print media and art on paper, that both have been developed within our residency program. In the selection process, she focused on artists  who had worked (whether on scholarships, in residences or with specific projects) in any of the different Proyecto´ace programs, in such a way that our participation expressed our vision of contemporary graphics and at the same time showed pieces produced in our workshops where we work collaboratively.

The final selection included Laurel Ponturo, Ian Ballantyne, Juan Reos and Micaela Muzi. The artists were then asked to make a new installation proposal for the cubes based on what they produced with us, recommending consider the cubes as a space to intervene and not simply as a container to hang the work. The selected artists were invited to travel to Bilbao to make their interventions, participated in all the associated activities, gave workshops and competed for the Temptation Cubes Award, which was finally awarded to Micaela Muzi, one of our invited artists, with a project carried out during her residency in ´ace at the beginning of the same year.

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Fundación´ace invited to the 8º FIG BILBAO. International Festival of Printmaking and Art on Paper.
Euskalduna Palace, Bilbao, España

Alicia Candiani

Ian Ballantyne
Micaela Muzi
Laurel Ponturo
Juan Reos

Residencia en Fundacion CIEC, España
Micaela Muzi

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Micaela Muzi
Ian Ballantyne

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