Gabriela Esterovich
OPEN Buenos Aires 2023

16.06.23 20.06.23

Gabrela Esterovich is a visual artist and children educator. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in La Plata, specializing in Printmaking and Printed Art. She builds her work through a continuity of ideas that involve different media-focused on graphics, moving through photography, video, visual poetry and artist’s books.

Gabriela is interested in the productions that are generated by thinking with and in others. In her own words: “My work is born and happens in an uncomfortable place. It is the one I have inhabited for as long as I can remember. I find myself in the thin boundary between what I show and what I cannot even name through language. My family’s memory is crossed by persecutions and forced migrations. Finding a place. A demarcation to perceive my own body and the emptiness that silence imprints. Understanding the complexity in the formation of identity, together with the investigation of violence in the evolution of social processes, are the aspects that trace the path of my work”.

She is a member of the collective Máquina de Regar, a network of artists curated by Lucía Kuschnir, and together with the playwright and choreographer Karina Toker she forms the collective Pulso, with which they obtained the LAba-BA scholarship, directed by Mirta Kupferminc. Since 2006, she has participated in exhibitions, salons and fairs in Argentina, Spain, Germany, the United States, Brazil and Israel.

Gabriela Esterovich
1967 | La Plata, Argentina
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina

2018 | Contemporary Graphic Techniques with Adriana Moracci, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2006 | Lithography at the Centro de Edición, Dir. Natalia Giaccheta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1991 | Professor of Engraving and Printed Art. Faculty of Fine Arts-UNLP, La Plata, Argentina

2023 | OPEN Buenos Aires 2023. La Prensa Building (Casa de la Cultura), Buenos Aires, Argentina
2022-2014 | Manuel Belgrano National Salon. Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires. Argentina
2019 | 8th International Triennial of Graphic Arts. Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 | New Prints/2019 Winter. IPCNY, New York, USA.
2019 | Confrontation/Conversation Project. The Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem, Israel

2023 | FIG Bilbao Award at OPEN Buenos Aires, Argentina
2018 | First Prize Salón Primavera. Municipality of San Fernando, Buenos Aires. Argentina
2018 | Honorable Mention 33rd International Fine Art Competition, Chelsea, New York, USA.
2016 | Special Jury Mention III Biennial Artist’s Book. Casa Carnacini Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Encounters, International Projects, Workshops, Exhibitions, Fellowships

OPEN 2023 | Activities
Workshops, talks and demos

17.06.23 20.06.23

From June 17th to June 20th, 2023, the OPEN Buenos Aires: International Encounter of Emerging Printmakers was held at the Casa de la Cultura–Edificio La Prensa in the City of Buenos Aires. Throughout its 4 days open to the public, the selected artists shared with the public not only their works in traditional and contemporary graphic techniques, but also offered workshops, demos, participatory practices and talks, all free and open to the public.

OPEN Buenos Aires is an event of professionalization for emerging artists and dissemination of graphic practices for the local public, whether specialized or without previous knowledge in the field of printmaking in particular or contemporary art in general. As part of the application that each artist submitted, it was the artists themselves who proposed different instances of exchange with visitors to the event, bringing them closer to their techniques, their projects, their portfolios and their working methods.

The activities that visitors to the event were able to enjoy were:

  • Guided tour by David Arteagoitia (director of Open Portfolio FIGBilbao)
  • Guided tour by Luciano Pozo (OPEN 2023 artist)
  • Activation: DESPOSEÍDES (by Aniela Troglia, OPEN 2023 artist)
  • Print Jam in two stations:
    STATION 1 PRINTING MATTERS: words and actions that empower (by Mariana Gayoso, OPEN 2022 artist)
    STATION 2 THE MAGIC OF XYLOGRAPHY: creative workshop by Laura Pires and Hernán Borches (OPEN 2023 artists)
  • Guided tour by Inés Gaggero (artist OPEN 2023)
  • Activation: FRAGMENTED NARRATIVES: AI in art (by Zerré, OPEN 2023 artist)
  • Professional workshop: EXPLORING NEW HORIZONS: Innovation in contemporary graphics with plastic materials and bi-component resins (by David Arteagoitia, Director of Open Portfolio FIGBilbao) sponsored by CCEBA-Embassy of Spain
  • Workshop: GYOTAKU 3D: dimensional traces (by OPEN 2023 artists Santiago Crespo and Candela del Valle)
  • Activation: TEMPORARY ARCHIVES (by Amelia Herrero  OPEN 2023 artist)
  • Workshop: Florisgraphic printing (by Luciano Pozo, OPEN 2023 artist)
  • Visual poetry workshop: ESTROFAS GRÁFICAS (by OPEN 2023 artists Gabriela Esterovich and Inés Díaz Saubidet)
  • Workshop: BETWEEN LIGHT AND NATURE: demo of cyanotype and chlorotype (by Clara Nerone and Rapainú, OPEN 2023 artists)
  • Workshop: KITCHEN-LITHO: alchemy in the kitchen (by Inés Gaggero, OPEN 2023 artist)
  • Workshop: VISUAL EXPRESSION AND ARTIVISM (by Darío Marroche and Pablo Pérez Torres, OPEN 2023 artists)
  • Workshop: MINIMUM MINIMORUM: the greatness of the small (by Pablo Damseaux Tabárez OPEN 2023 artist)

Encounters, International Projects, Fellowships

OPEN 2023 | Awards
Awards ceremony

20.06.23 20.06.23

From June 17-20, 2023, the OPEN Buenos Aires: International Encounter of Emerging Printmakers was held at the Casa de la Cultura–Edificio La Prensa in the City of Buenos Aires. Throughout its 4 days of opening to the public, the selected artists shared their works in traditional and contemporary print media techniques with the visitors, celebrated the opening of the exhibition, offered workshops, demos and open talks and, on the last day, 9 of the 16 artists received the prizes awarded by the event’s organizers.

In addition to the 16 participation grants awarded to the finalist artists, after all the activities of OPEN Buenos Aires were completed, the following prizes were distributed:

  • 4 FIG Bilbao Awards: four artists with a stand each at the Fig Bilbao Fair November 2023 + accommodation in Bilbao (awarded to Candela Del Valle, Gabriela Esterovich, Clara Nerone and Luciano Pozo)
  • 2 grants for artistic residencies at CIEC Foundation in Betanzos, Spain in 2024 (awarded to Hernán Borches and Darío Marroche)
  • 1 residency grant at the BDC-Basque bioDesign Center in Bilbao, Spain (awarded to Santiago Crespo)
  • 1 artist-in-residence grant at La Rural, Tucumán, Argentina (awarded to Rapainú)
  • 1 artist-in-residence grant at Proyecto´ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina (awarded to Zerré)

The prizes were awarded by the Awards Jury, formed by David Arteagoitia (Bilbao, Basque Country, Director of FIG Open Portfolio), Pedro Galilea (Salamanca, Spain, Vice President and Director of Fundación CIEC), Iñaki Alonso (Bilbao, Basque Country, President of FIG Bilbao), and Alicia Candiani (Buenos Aires, Argentina, Director of OPEN Buenos Aires and Fundación´ace) based on the quality of the works presented and the activities for the public proposed and carried out by the artists themselves.

International Projects, Workshops, Portfolio Review, Open Calls

OPEN 2023 | Critiques
Portfolio Reviews

20.06.23 20.06.23

Between June 17 and 20, 2023, the OPEN Buenos Aires: International Meeting of Emerging Graphic Arts was held at the Casa de la Cultura–Edificio La Prensa in the City of Buenos Aires. OPEN Buenos Aires is a professionalization event for emerging artists and dissemination of print media practices for the local public, whether specialized or without previous knowledge in the field of printmaking in particular or contemporary art in general. As part of the professionalization of the artists, on Sunday, June 18, a review of portfolios was carried out by a team specialized in traditional and contemporary print media, engraving and graphic and printed visual arts.

The review of portfolios was in charge of:

  • Pedro Galilea, Director of Fundación CIEC–Centro Internacional de la Estampa Contemporánea, Galicia, Spain
  • Esteban Álvarez, artist and professor at UNA–Universidad Nacional de la Artes, CABA, Argentina
  • Adriana Moracci, artist and masterprinter, director of Taller AM, CABA, Argentina
  • Micaela Trocello, artist, coordinator of the International Biennial of Engraving and Small Format Printed Art BIGAI and professor UNC–Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina
  • Alicia Valente, curator of the National Museum of Engraving and Professor at the University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Throughout 3 hours, they offered portfolio reviews, feedback, work criticism, and professional guidance to both OPEN artists and independent artists who had previously signed up to participate in this free activity.


FIG Bilbao XII
Artists in dialogue

23.11.23 26.11.23

The International Print and Paper Art Fair in Bilbao, FIG Bilbao, celebrated its twelfth edition at the Euskalduna Palace, a venue located in the heart of the city of Bilbao in Spain. The fair took place from November 23 to 26 and featured a comprehensive program of activities related to Paper Art, with Japan being the guest country.

This twelfth edition brought together more than forty national and international print galleries and publishers, as well as over 500 artists. With almost 10,000 visitors, the fair continues to establish itself as a key meeting point for print and paper art. This art event in the Basque Country also becomes one of the main cultural attractions in Bilbao, as recognized by national and international media.

Invited by its organizers and partners at Open Buenos Aires – FIG Bilbao and the ARTHAZI Association – the ´ace Contemporary Art Foundation participated in Stand #10, featuring Polish artists Alicja Habisiak-Matzack, Jolanta Rustka-Habisiak, and Tomasz Matzack from the Academy of Arts and Design in Lodz, Poland. In addition, our director, Alicia Candiani, was invited to participate as a member of the international jury in the “Cubes of Temptations,” a program aimed at Fine Arts students in their final years of education. This year, the cubes featured emerging artists from Kyoto City University of Arts (KCUA) and the University of the Basque Country.

November 23 – 26 , 2023
Palacio Euskalduna
Bilbao, Spain

Artist-in-Residence International Program

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