Cristiano Sant’Anna

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As an ´acePIRAR artist-in-residency, Cristiano Sant’Anna (Brazil) developed Fireflies/Vagalumes, an intervention project with the community of Fundación CPI (Center for Integrated Psychotherapy) located in the neighbourhood of Colegiales, just a block away from ´ace‘s studio in the City of Buenos Aires.

Sant’Anna worked with the concurrents of Fundación CPI for one week, giving a pinhole photography workshop with the aim to build a collective discourse. Through practice, the workshop participants will be invited to photograph their environment, their daily life and their environment, to “look” at each-other with cameras built with matchboxes. Through the photographic aesthetic perception, different issues will be discussed, such as belonging and citizenship. Firefly seeks to provide a space for reflection about how we define our own worlds raised from the belief that art is a medium open to the diversity of opinions, open to free and committed exchange of points of view and thoughts.


Cristiano Sant’Anna is a visual artist who works issues related to territory and the relationships established in the landscape. Territory thought of as a scope of negotiations and relations involving actors. You can only speak about territory when you speak about man. I start from the theoretical reference from the Geographer Eric Dardel, on Earth and Man. In addition to the visible, landscape is a series of relationships involving touch, smell, feelings and the route itself. A multiplicity of perceptions that go beyond the visual. To translate these visual sensations requires breaking the formal routine of photography. Sometimes Sant’Anna does this through the production of videos reflecting on perception of time, such as persistence of the look; others by inviting people to use the camera, as he did during the narrative photography workshop at the Hotel da Locura, among patients of this psychiatric institution.

Within this context, he has also produced the photobook Archipelago with the fishing communities nearby Porto Alegre, Brazil, also with the series Casi Paisajes, which explores relationships in the flood fields in the wild nature in southern Brazil, and Atalaya, a photobook about the ritual of hunting. With a look shaped by years of photojournalism, his search is focused on the exploration of the territory and the relations established in this field.

Cristiano Sant´Anna
1973 | Santa  Maria, Brazil
Lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil

2004 | BA in Social Communication, Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS)

Centro Cultural CEF, Brasilia, Brazil
Galeria Lunara, Porto Alegre, Brazil
NanoFotoFest, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hotel da Locura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Locura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gallery of Centro Cultural Erico Verissimo, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece
Centro Cultural de Rio Pardo and PhotoVisa Festival, Russia

FAC / RS, Case Landscape project
Taim and Fumproarte with the photobook Archipelago

This project has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Cultural Sector of the Embassy of Brazil in Argentina.

We also thank SoyVecino, a  community, social and solidarity project from the Colegiales neighborhood,  for having introduce us the Fundación CPI that was a crucial partner to develop this project. 

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Cristiano Sant’Anna

26.10.16 18.11.16

Cristiano Sant’Anna’s project Fireflies has been presented in October’s ´aceNITE, together with the work from other artists-in-residency from this period.

Thanks to the auspice of the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Brazil, in September of 2016, Fundación´ace invited Cristiano Sant’Anna to develop Fireflies in the format of an intervention artistic residency with the community of Fundación CPI in the Colegiales Neighbourhood, where ´ace‘s studio is located. Cristiano developed a pinhole workshop with the patients of Fundación CPI and the photographies which resulted of the workshop was presented in the Espacio Cultural de la Embajada de Brasil.

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Cristiano Sant’Anna
1973 | Brazil

This activity has been possible thanks to the support of the organizations listed below as well as the Fundación´ace para el Arte Contemporáneo


Own Essays
Artists in Dialogue


October had its ´aceNITE featuring a variety of local and international artists and projects.

A site-specific installation by artist-in-residency Tehniyet Masood (Pakistan), longing, welcomed the community of Buenos Aires in the Dialogue Space . A work of great technical complexity that produced a comfortable atmosphere full of emotions of an artist that creates taking into account the place where she came from (Karachi in Pakistan) and the unknown place that her future holds.

In the Políglota Room, Larga vida a la nueva carne was presented, a video-art project by Agustín Rincón Méndez (Venezuela) and Daniela Ruiz Moreno (Argentina) that reflects on the link between the body and the digital.

On the other hand, Matías Piñero (Argentina), an artist selected in the SEMILLERO 2016 open call, presented his work Composition of a Gray Colour, while the artist in residency Elisa Bergel Melo (Venezuela) opened her studio to show the work she developed during her time at ´ace. The result of the project Fireflies / Vagalumes developed in August 2016 by the artist-in-residence Cristiano Sant’Anna was also exhibited.

Matías Piñero (Argentina)

Larga vida a la nueva carne
Agustín Rincón Méndez (Venezuela)
Daniela Ruiz Moreno (Argentina)

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