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Bomi Ahn
When Species Meet

22.11.21 17.12.21

As part of the agreement that Fundación´ace has with ARKO — Art Council Korea, artist Bomi Ahn came to our studio in November-December to do a Production Residency. During this period, she explored different techniques of contemporary engraving and printmaking in our workshop, to transfer her paintings and drawings to a format that offers the possibility of the multiple.


Bomi Ahn represents virtual worlds where all kinds of species are synthesized and composed together, and she is usually inspired by science fiction movies, novels, living conditions influenced by technology and meeting people who have different origins, all of which is visualized in her painting, drawings and animations. Ahn feels that there is a realistic side to science fiction movies and our imaginations, as they reflect our unconscious and our desires in a surreal way.

Ahn began her artistic career in 2010 by participating in the Asifakeil Artist-in-Residency program (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) on Q21’s Electric Avenue at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria, one of Europe’s leading arts and culture complexes. Since then, she has participated in Today’s Salon 2015 held at Common Center, All In at Deutsche Villa Galerie in Austria in 2016, and This Side of Paradise at Anyang Museum in Korea in 2018. In 2019, Ahn has his first solo exhibition at his Seoul’s hometown: Biophilia.

The artist uses various art mediums, such as animation, painting, installation and mural, to express her social interests derived from her experiences and observation of the city, the future, high technology, refugees and life as a woman in a patriarchal society.

Bomi Ahn
1986 | Seoul, South Korea
Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea

2016 | Diploma in Visual Arts from the Linz University of Arts. Linz, Austria
2012 | Bachelor of Painting from Hongik University. Seoul, South Korea

2021 | Non Human World, Jeondeungsa Buddhist temple. Incheon, South Korea
2019 | Biophilia, Skyplaza Gallery, City Hall Seoul. Seoul, South Korea
2016 | Vuja De, Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz, Austria
2016 | Future Ecology, KHG. Linz, Austria
2015 | Neuromancer, Neuer Ordner. Linz, Austria

2021 | Prism Spectrum, ACT Ground. Hwaseong, Seoul, South Korea
2020 | Art and Energy, Jeonbuk Museum of Art. Wanju, South Korea
2019 | Coming in the past, meeting in the present, Youngju Mansion. Busan, South Korea
2018 | We play, we stage, and we’re enacting, FoCA. Jeonju, South Korea
2016 | Voyage, Seenfifteen. London, UK

2021 | Seoul Art Foundation award. Seoul, South Korea
2018 | Factory of Contemporary Arts Residency. Jeonju, South Korea
2017 | Iksan creation center residency. Iksan, South Korea
2017 | 2017 Gamma Young Artist of the Year Award. Seoul, South Korea
2011 | Hubert Sielecki Preis 2011 award, Auszeichnungen, Künstlerhaus. Vienna, Austria

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When Species Meet…
Bomi Ahn

09.12.21 17.12.21

During the last residency period of 2021, Bomi Ahn, artist-in-residency from South Korea present thanks to the agreement that Fundación´ace has with ARKO-Arts Council Korea, worked exploring contemporary techniques of printmaking and expanded print media to transfer her paintings and drawings to the multiple format.

Taking as triggers the ideas that Donna Haraway, American philosopher and thinker, proposes in her text When Species Meet…, Bomi Ahn represented virtual worlds where all kinds of species are synthesized and composed together, with a clear inspiration in movies of science fiction, novels and life conditions influenced by technology and different forms of organicity. Ahn feels that there is a realistic side to science fiction movies and our imaginations as they reflect our unconscious and desires in a surreal way.

Her installation was presented to the public on December 9, 2021, at the ´aceNITE entitled When marks meet…, in which she shared the inauguration of her work with that of her Korean colleague Hanna Kim and the Argentinian artist Guillermo Mena.

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When Marks Meet…

On Thursday, December 9th, 2021 we held the last ´aceNITE of the year. That night, we opened our studio so that Hanna Kim and Bomi Ahn, artists-in-residency from South Korea thanks to the agreement that ´ace has with ARKO—Arts Council Korea, inaugurate their exhibitions for the local artistic community together with Guillermo Mena, artist-in-residency from Cordoba with the support of the National Fund for the Arts. In addition, we took the opportunity to celebrate the end of the year and receive ´ace’s extended family with dinner and a toast, celebrating our 16th anniversary of uninterrupted work.

On the afternoon of December 9th, Hanna Kim inaugurated Marks of Love, a site-specific installation in our Políglota Room, through which the artist reflects on the relationship between the environment, hierarchies and happiness, and how the atmosphere in which she creates influences her work. Bomi Ahn presented When Species Meet…, her first excursion into the field of contemporary printmaking, in which she transferred her paintings and drawings to the multiple format. For this new series, Ahn was inspired by the ideas proposed by Donna Haraway in her book of the same name, When Species Meet. Guillermo Mena, on his part, presented an installation with material from his personal archive of frottages, work that he developed in 2021 in our studio during his residency, in which he unfolded years of accumulated material to give it order, shape and find internal logic that allows it to express and expose itself in a cohesive way.

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