Where the magic happens

The workshop is a large, quiet space with lots of light coming from several large windows and two skylights. The shop includes equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and new print processes including Intaglio, Monotype/Monoprint, Woodblock, Waterless Lithography, Silk-aquatint, Photpolymer Intaglio, as well as artists' books and Drawing.

- Width: 4.00 meters
- Length: 20.00 m
- Height: 5.40 m
- Fan
- Air conditioning
- WI-Fi

Waterless lithography
Waterless potholithography
Photo etching with photopolymer film
Traditional and innovative intaglio: etching, burin, roulette, mezzotint, soft and hard ground, sugar lift, white ground, etc
Traditional and innovative monotype and monoprint
Western and waterbased Japonese woodcut

Digital prints/Lambda prints/CNC and laser cuts through our partners

- An electric etching press (1.20 x 1.60 m)
- A manual etching press (0.74 mx 1.20 m)
- An old fashion hand book press (0.35 x 0.40 m)
- Drying Rack (1.10 mx 0.78 m) 90 shelves
- Work tables and countertops
- Two steel flat files (1.30m x 1.00 m)
- One water tray (1.10m x 0.85 m)
- Two water sinks
- Three acid resistant etching trays (50cm x 60 cm)
- Aquatint screen for photopolymer

All basic materials and tools are available for the use of the residents:
- Tools for Western and Japanese woodcut prints (gouges, wood carving sets, brushes, flat brushes and baren)
- Tools for book binding (Teflon bone bending, hole puncher in different sizes, needles, etc)
- Tools for Intaglion (points, burnishers,roulettes, scrapers, Diamond scribe, burins, etc)
- Rollers: There is a 50 cm lenght hand roll-up roller ( 60 Dr), a variety of soft rubber Speedball brayers (30 Dr), several firm polyurethane brayers (40 Dr) and a light 24" Chamaleon roller for monotype.

- There are water, oil and rubber based inks
- Canson Edition paper (assorted colors, 56x76 cm), Rives BFK white (56cm x 76cm / 80 cm x120 cm) and some Japanese and Chinese papers for chine collé.

We also have special threads for book binding, plates for photolithography (maximum size 55 x 66 cm) photopolymer film width 60cm, sik- aquatint plates and various sizes acrylic plates for monotype.