Toia Grehan

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Toia Grehan is a sub30 Argentinean artist who received the Mural Painting Residency Grant by Fundación´ace within the Palimpsest Project [4]. During November, the artist created a new mural at our terrace in collaboration with artist Cosby Hates (USA), both selected through an open call.

Grehan’s work is deeply rooted in nature, which is her constant inspiration. She produces paintings and murals that present symbolic natural spaces with a romantic atmosphere. In them, the organic rhythms of the artist’s imaginary open up a dialogue with their surroundings, generating compositions that reflect about the cycles of nature, and invite the viewer into contemplation.

Palimpsest is an international project that we began to develop in 2014 inspired by the mural that the artist Felipe Garcia (Colombia) did on our terrace during his residency in 2013. The proposal of Toia was the 4th intervention after the collectives KiiK Create (Puerto Rico-USA),  Buck Teeth Girls Club (Canada) and artist ALMA  (Brazil).

Toia Grehan
1987 | Born in San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lives and works in Buenos Aires

2017 | Postgraduate in Media and Technologies for the Pictoric Production at UNA Visuals (Universidad Nacional de las Artes), Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010 | Studied Visual Arts in ISSA (Instituto Superior Santa Ana), Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 | Fellowship to work in collaboration with Cosby Hayes, Proyecto´ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2016 | Worked in Europe, participated in the UPFest in Bristol, UK
2016 | Artist in residence in Marnay sur-Seine, France

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NoN organiC
Artists in Dialogue


In the last ´aceNITE of the year, the terrace of our house presented a new intervention of the Palimpsest Project mural painting residency. This time, a mural made in collaboration by Cosby Hayes and local artist, Toia Grehan, selected through an open call.

The artists occupied a new wall with their mural of a car smashing that seems to be flying towards us, and which already reaches us when climbing the spiral staircase. They reached an excellent dialogue of organic figures (Grehan) that demarcate the open transports from which we can see their skeleton (Hayes).

Palimpsest is an international project that started to develop in 2014, inspired by the mural that the artist Felipe Garcia (Colombia) did on our terrace during his residence in ´ace, in 2013. The proposal of Cosby Hayes (USA) and Toia Grehan (Argentina) was the 4th intervention, after the groups KiiK Create (Puerto Rico-USA), Buck Teeth Girls Club (Canada) and the artist ALMA (Brazil).

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Toia Grehan
1987 | Born in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

2010 | Studied Visual Arts in ISSA (Instituto Superior Santa Ana), Buenos Aires, Argentina
2017 | Postgraduate in Media and Technologies for the Pictoric Production at UNA Visuals (Universidad Nacional de las Artes), Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 | Fellowship artist through an open call to work in collaboration with Hayes, at Proyecto´ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Meeting of Styles
Artists in Dialogue

18.11.16 20.11.16

During the month of November, artists Cosby Hayes (USA) and Toia Grehan (Argentina) made a collaborative mural within the mural painting residency Palimpsest Project [4]. This collaboration gave rise to a second project beyond ´ace, as Toia and Cosby participated as a team in the international event Meeting of Styles, held in Martinez, Buenos Aires.


“Some people want Graffiti to stay traditional, some people write their names, others do images. Some people do Graffiti-Writing, others do Street-Art, some use brushes other cans. In Buenos Aires all different disciplines create one giant gallery among the entire city. ESTILO LIBRE finally brings back Meeting of Styles to Buenos Aires! Former MOS in BSAS have been a blast of styles and creativity!”

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Meeting of Styles is an international network of graffiti artists and followers who sponsor the creation of graffiti murals in more than sixty countries. The purpose of these events is to promote and legitimize graffiti as an art form. The idea emerged in Germany in 1995 and was re-organized in 2002 under the current name. In the events, murals are created in varied places, commonly in public spaces and metro stations. The events have taken place in over sixty countries in Europe, Asian Russia and America.


To Inhabit and Remember
Artists in Dialogue


For the last ´aceNITE of 2016, occupied all the rooms occupied with an impeccable variety of international and Argentinean artists.

In the Políglota Room, invited artist Shaurya Kumar (India) presented artworks from the series Cast in Ruins, of great technical and conceptual subtlety. Kumar is an artist with a very consolidated international trajectory.

The Central Hall presented the video in progress of the project The reason, by the artist-in-residency Kiwon Hong (South Korea), and the Dialogue Space hosted a site-specific installation by Min-Hyung Kang (South Korea)—both artists were able to do their residencies thanks to ARKO (Arts Council Korea). The installation of Kang’s project Eye of the Hawk, which was a re-creation of a room of the smallest type of residences in the Korean cities, also reached La Torre studio through the windows and involved the performance of security agent who “protected” the ´ace house by taking care of the ´ace logo.

In the Transversal Space, Amanda Coimbra (Brazil), artist selected through the Semillero 2016 call, presented her book Memories of a Travel Album, made from the recovery and selection of photographs of a family album that had suffered a flood.

Finally the Terrace inaugurated a new mural realized in collaboration by the U.S. artist Cosby Hayes and Argentine artist Toia Grehan. The mural resulted in a very good interaction of two quite different imprints towards muralism, Cosby on the one hand with an urban and political iconography and on the other hand Toia Grehan with a bucolic and romantic iconography.

As always, we thank all the people who collaborated with the artists in residence: Germán Gaspar, Julián Matta and Nieves Varela.

Invited artist
Shaurya Kumar (India)

Palimpsest Project
Toia Grehan (Argentina)—Fundación´ace fellowship

Artist from Semillero 2016 
Amanda Coimbra (Brazil)

Artist-in-Residence International Program

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