Sebastián García Huidobro
Politicians Series

04.08.06 27.10.06

Sebastián García Huidobro is a young Chilean artist who works appropriating images of the electoral advertising campaign in the city of Santiago, Chile. In this way, his actions place him as a controversial and irruptive artist since, in addition to the appropriation of images, he deconstructs them, loading them with a new meaning. In his work methodology he builds a new image from “destroying” the “stolen” one.


The work is structured by the methodology of the process and how this leads to the de-construction and possible reconstruction of the image, the extraction of material (inkjet ink) is removed from its natural state by means of a diluent-based formula, displacing it towards an analogous space. This act of violating the already designed image leads us towards the elimination of serialization and therefore of the pixel, constituting itself as a unique work. On the other hand, the appropriation of an action carried out by agents external to the artist is interesting, which extracts a design, frame, methods, directions, thoughts, objectives from the reality of the image. The images presented here were appropriate from the 2005 electoral campaign in Santiago de Chile.

Sebastián García Huidobro
1981 | Santiago, Chile.
Lives and works in New York, USA.

2005 | Studies in Cultural Management, UNIACC (University of Arts, Sciences and Communication). Santiago, Chile.
2004 | BFA in Visual Arts and Photography, UNIACC (University of Arts, Sciences and Communication). Santiago, Chile.
2004 | Teacher’s Assistant Basic Painting, UNIACC (University of Arts, Sciences and Communication). Santiago, Chile.

2005 | Art Gallery Mater. Santiago de Chile, Chile.
2005 | Periférica Espacio Independiente, Traschi Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2004 | Fonda Eslovaka, Normal Gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2003 | Disfigurement of the face, El Tunnel Gallery – La Moneda Cultural Center. Santiago, Chile.
2003 | Phillips Art, National Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago, Chile.
2003 | Live Arts, National Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago, Chile.

2004 | Live Art, National Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago, Chile.
2003 | Phillips Art Contest, National Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago, Chile.

Related Activities

´aceNITE, Encounters, Exhibitions

Reality (i) Reality
XIV Festival of Light 2006

04.08.06 27.10.06

On Thursday, August 3, the XIV Edition of the Open Photography Encounters – Festival of Light 2006 was inaugurated. In this edition, ´ace Project is one of the spaces that are part of the photographic exhibitions that will take place from August 04 to 31 in museums, cultural centers, galleries and art spaces throughout Argentina.

At ´aceNITE we offer a private reception, among other important guests we have the presence of Wendy Watriss (Houston, Texas) Artistic Director and one of the founders of FotoFest; Juan Travnick, photographer and teacher; Rodrigo Alonso, curator, art critic and Professor at the University of Buenos Aires; Orly Benzacar, director of the Ruth Benzacar Gallery, art specialist.

Under the slogan Reality (i) Reality, 424 artists were invited to participate in the numerous exhibitions and parallel activities of the Festival. Only in Buenos Aires 91 samples are presented, 45 of them in private art galleries that join the Festival. It is a meeting place for photographers, curators, gallery owners, publishers, etc. The Open Encounters consist of various photographic activities, all of them free.

The exhibition Liquids and Footprints was inaugurated in the Polyglot Room on August 04, presenting the work of the Puerto Rican artist Víctor Vázquez, in the Transversal Space the work that Sebastián García Huidobro carried out during his residence Series of Politicians and in the Dialogue Space is presented Adriana Moracci Series of Embraces.


The XIV edition of the Open Encounters – Festival of Light in Argentina, finds us once again immersed in the reality of art. A daily, ideal, intimate reality that was born in our spirit to stay and be flesh. to greet us every morning when we wake up, to give us a knowing wink before the mirror, reminding us that we are photographers and part of our essence is to capture this reality that often tries to elope to give us company with its clone: ​​unreality.

But as another part of our condition is curiosity, the need to see and explore, to experiment and catch, we allow ourselves to be seduced by the chimera of unreality, to the point of not being able to logically identify what experiences, what acts and what part of our creativity develop on the real plane.

If we stop to analyze in which context or passage we move, we lose the most important thing: our nature as creators. Our genius is limited and forced to reasoning that is alien to us, our prowling for everything that happens around us is restricted and limited, the hunger for images, which paradoxically is what feeds us, is satiated by a placebo.

We are artists, and in our world, reality and unreality are only an archetype of the same: our need to show through our works who we are, what we observe, what captivates us. And what do we indulge in.

Activities of Víctor Vázquez during the Festival of Light

August 3 7:00 p.m.
Reality (i) Reality
XIV Open Photography Encounters.
Recoleta Cultural Center.

August 4 7:00 p.m.
´aceNITE Liquids and Footprints
Polyglot Room, ´ace Project.

August 9, 5:00 p.m.
Week of meetings
Approaches around a reading (identity, body and memory)
French Alliance Conference – Headquarters.

August – September
Brief Encounters
Gigantographies Exhibition
National Exhibition Halls


International Projects

Pandora Project
Artists in dialogue

08.07.06 22.07.06

In Greek mythology, a box was given to Pandora, the first woman on earth, but the box was not to be opened under any circumstances. Impelled for her curiosity, Pandora opened the box, and all evil contained inside of it escaped and spread all over the earth. She hastened to close the lid, but the whole contents of the jar had escaped, except for one thing that laid at the bottom: Hope – which remains to this day, mankind’s sole comfort in misfortune. As in the Pandora myth, a symbol of hope lies beneath this collection of works.

The Pandora Project was an international collaborative project involving 15 artists from Argentina, Chile, United States and Uruguay,  that jointly developed an edition of non-traditional paper objects based on the Greek Myth “Pandora’s Box”.

The project was directed and conceptualized by artist and professor, Rimer Cardillo, from the State University of New York at New Paltz, in the United States and Alicia Candiani, artist and director of Proyecto´ace, an international centre for innovative print media located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After three months of separate work, (one group in North America and the other in South America), the Pandora’s artists gathered together at Proyecto´ace in Buenos Aires in the month of July of 2006. The encounters took place from the 8th to the 22nd of that month. Through various innovative printing, digital and photographic techniques, pop ups in paper, collage and sewing, the participants were able to document global subjects involving environmental, anthropological and social issues of our time. The printed objects were collected and housed in a portfolio/ “art container”.  Seen as a contemporary Pandora’s box, the container became a symbol of the collaboration among the artists who participated in intensive days of cultural and artistic diversity.

Rimer Cardillo | artist and professor at the State University of New York SUNY-New Paltz, USA
Alicia Candiani | artist and director of Proyecto ´ace.
Workshop assistant
Adriana Moracci

Participant artists
Amy Appel (United States)
Silvana Blasbalg (Argentina)
Silvia Brewda (Argentina)
Juan Canavesi (Argentina)
Alicia Candiani (Argentina)
Rimer Cardillo (Uruguay-USA)
Bob Capozzi (United States)
Alexandra Davis (United States)
Sebastián García Huidobro (Chile)
Luca Giovanopoulos (United States)
Siri Hanja (United States)s
Susan Jenkins (USA)
Dylan McManus (United States)
Carly Still (United States)

International Projects

VI Belgrade Encounters
Artists in dialogue

01.09.11 10.09.11

On September 1st and under the name “VI Belgrade Encounters: Latin America meets Serbia” ​​will begin the sixth edition of the International Printmaking Workshop and Symposium 2011. The event has a packed agenda, which includes the residence of 6 Latin American artists, the production of a portfolio in collaboration with 7 Serbian artists, a guest artists exhibition and a symposium with lectures and demonstrations.

“Akademija” Research Center Visual and Graphic Arts “(Centar za grafiku i vizuelna istrazivanja” Akademija “) has been organizing on biennial basis these encounters during the past 10 years. The purpose of these meetings is to establish organizational and artistic links between different countries, helping to position Belgrade among the leading cities on the international map of new media and printmaking.

‘ace and Latin American artists related with our center will be the guest of honor at the 2011 event,  being the first time that the invited institution and region do not belong to Europe. The Argentinean artist Alicia Candiani, who is the founder and director of ‘ace, is in capacity of curator and liaison with the Latin American group of artists, and her colleague from Belgrade, the curator Ljiljana Tašić, is in charge of the selection of Serbian artists.

In addition,  Rafael Trelles (Puerto Rico) and Alicia Candiani will lead the symposium, hosted by the Instituto Cervantes de Belgrado,  that will focus on heterogeneity, multiplicity, connection and rupture as marks of contemporary printmaking. Finally, ´ace will increase its collection with one of the portfolios, which will be exhibited in Buenos Aires in the future as well as several projects will be launched inspired by these contacts between artists and art associations.

The “meetings” have taken place during the last 10 years on a biennial basis organized by “Akademija”: Center for Visual Research and Graphic Arts (Centar za grafiku i vizuelna istrazivanja “Akademija”), under the Faculty of Fine Arts of Belgrade El The objective of these meetings is to establish organizational and artistic ties between different countries, helping to position Belgrade among the leading cities on the international map of new media and graphic arts.

Ljiljana Tašić (Belgrado)
Alicia Candiani (Buenos Aires)

Latin American artists
Romina Biglieri | Alicia Candiani
Sebastian Garcia Huidobro | Adriana Moracci
Rafael Trelles | Valeria Zamparolo

Serbian artists
Slobodan Knezevic Abi | Nebojsa Lazic
Dragana Radivojevic | Simonida Rajcevic
Mihailo Stanisavac | Slobodanka Stupar
Nikola Velicki

Encounters, Exhibitions

Pandora Project @ Ferreyra Palace
Juan Canavesi


PAndora, ´ace first international project,  was exhibited at the Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita (Palacio Ferreira) in Córdoba, featuring artists from Argentina, Chile and USA.

Conceptualized and directed by Rimer Cardillo at the State University of New York SUNY-New Paltz and co-directed by Alicia Candiani, it was carried out at the Proyecto’ace workshops in June 2006. Seven years later, the portfolio/box is still an example of collaborative work and expanded print media, even in small sizes.

Special thanks to artist and participant Juan Canavesi for having commissioned this public exhibition and head the guided tours in this stunning museum. We continue to be very proud of this project!

Artists in the Pandora Project
Amy Appel (USA) | Silvana Blasbalg (Argentina) | Silvia Brewda (Argentina) |Juan Canavesi (Argentina) | Alicia Candiani (Argentina)
Rimer Cardillo (Uruguay, USA) | Bob Capozzi (USA) | Alexandra Davis (USA) | Sebastián García Huidobro (Chile) | Luca Giovanopoulos (USA) |  Siri Hanja (USA) | Susan Jenkins (USA) | Dylan McManus (USA) | Carly Still (USA)



Politicians Series
Sebastián García Huidobro

04.08.06 24.08.06

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