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Rashid Lane

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Afro-Argentinean cultural identity exploration (by Rashid Lane)

While in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I plan to conduct research and gain inspiration for a future series of art pieces which will characterize the narrative of cultural backgrounds of Afro descendants of Argentina.

As stated by Tumelo Mosaka in his book Negotiating Identity, “artists, writers, and academics have engaged in a critical debate about the meaning of African culture in a postmodern, global society.”
As an African-American artist myself, issues of identity, race, and globalization are meaningful and personal. I am questioning the ways in which identity is shaped in regards to family, ethnicity, and geographic location. My focus is the cultural identities of black males that include those from the African Diaspora. This includes African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, and Afro-Latinos.

Rashid Lane
1990 | USA.

2013 | Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts, Texas A&M University-Commerce.  Texas, USA.

2017 | JoMar Visions Art in Excellence Juried Competition. Featured Artist
2016 | Hope, Courage, Love Charity Art Show. Featured Artist; Creatures of The Sea, Group Exhibit. East End Studio Gallery, Houston. Texas, USA.
2015 | Expanding Group of Art Teachers. Bosque Gallery,Cypress. Texas, USA.
2012 | Undergraduate Excellence Award in the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, Texas A&M University Commerce. Texas, USA.

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A Macrocosm
Artists in dialogue


On Wednesday, July 3, we inaugurated the projects of the Production Residences for the months of June-July 2019 by Daniela Rivera (Chile-USA) and Aubrey Vollrath (USA), together with an open studio by Rashid Lane (USA), who shared the results of his Exploration Residency. The works of Daniela and Aubrey coexisted in dialogue with two guest projects: an installation by Constanza Abete (Argentina) and the Micro-Macrocosmos2018 portfolio, organized by the International Graphics Exchange Program (IPEP) of India, with the participation of Argentinean artist Floki Gauvry.

Daniela Rivera’s project, In Search of the Andes was a work in collaboration with Argentinean artists Guillermo Mena and Javier Bustos.

In Search for the Andes is born from the need to go deep in the experience of immigration beside the politics, economics, and social aspects. It is a a project that explores the experience of instability brought by the lack of referent to recall identity. For this work, Daniela, Guillermo and Javier worked together from the attempt to retrieve memories, to create inside the exhibition space a new place that resists consumption and points to the emptying of memory. A job sprouting from the exhausting experience of relocation and displacement.

Aubrey Vollrath’s project sought to explore the eccentricities of the telos of Buenos Aires and its peculiar characteristics: “What makes a good love motel? I am interested in exploring the aesthetics of rooms specifically designed for sex, and the curatorship that they do of the fantasies of an unknown other”.

Rashid Lane opened its research on the local Afro-descendant diaspora to the public of Fundación´ace, which in the near future will trigger a series of triptych paintings that will characterize the narrative of the different cultural origins of people of African descent in Argentina.

The MICRO-MACROCOSMOS exhibition (sponsored in Buenos Aires by Fundación´ace) is a series of international graphic works by artists from India, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Poland, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Taiwan, Australia, Portugal and Nepal, made in 2018 and gathered through IPEP.

Constanza Abete, selected artist within the Semillero 2019 open call, presented White Noise II , an installation that took place in the transversal space of our house. The entire walls of the space were covered by masks in gauze and plaster combined with the reproduction of a recording of white noise.

Artists in collaboration
Guillermo Mena
Javier Bustos

Artist SEMILLERO 2019
Constanza Abete

Portfolio organized by the International Graphics Exchange Program (IPEP) of India
Coordinator in Buenos Aires: Floki Gauvry.

Open Studio

Rashid Lane


At the ´aceNITE in July 2019, Rashid Lane did an open studio in which he showed his investigation on the local Afro-descendant diaspora to the public of Fundación´ace, which in the near future will trigger a series of triptych paintings that will characterize the narrative of different cultural origins of Afro-descendants in Argentina. This investigation was produced during Rashid’s Exploration Residence during June 2019.

That same night we inaugurated the projects of the Production Residences for the months of June-July 2019 of Daniela Rivera (Chile-USA) and Aubrey Vollrath (USA), along with an installation by Constanza Abete (Argentina) and the MICRO-MACROCOSMOS portfolio 2018, organized by the International Graphics Exchange Program (IPEP) of India with the participation of the Argentinean artist Floki Gauvry.

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Rashid Lane
1990 | USA

Artist-in-Residence International Program

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International Airport

Ministro Pistarini- Ezeiza (EZE)
Buenos Aires
45' to 60' trip

Domestic Airport

Aeroparque Jorge Newbery
Buenos Aires


38, 39, 41, 42, 59, 63, 65, 67, 68, 151, 152, 161, 184, 194 and 168 (stop in the front door)


D Line (Green)
Olleros Station (4 blocks, 4')


Mitre Line (either to Leon Suarez or Mitre)
Colegiales Station (1 block, 1')

The Latin America's Paris

Buenos Aires is Argentine Republic's capital city. With 15,000,000 inhabitants, it is one of the largest cities in Latin America and one of the 10 most populous urban centers in the world. Its cosmopolitan and urban character vibrates to the rhythm of a great cultural offer that includes monuments, churches, museums, art galleries, opera, music and theaters; squares, parks and gardens with old groves; characteristic neighborhoods; large shopping centers and fairs. Here we also find a very good lodging facilities, with accommodation ranging from hostels to five-star hotels of the main international chains. Buenos Aires also show off about its variety of restaurants with all the cuisines of the world, as well as to have cafes and flower kiosks on every corner.

A neighborhood founded on the Jesuit farms in the 17th century

We are located in Colegiales neighborhood where the tree-lined streets, some of which still have their original cobblestones, invite you to walk. Although the apartment buildings advance, low houses still predominate. It is a district of the city where about 20 TV production companies, design studios, artist workshops and the Rock&Pop radio have been located. The neighborhood also has six squares, one of which pays homage to Mafalda, the Flea Market, shops, restaurants and cafes like its neighboring Barrios de Palermo and Belgrano, with which it limits.

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