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Richard Noyce

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“I have been involved with the contemporary arts in one form or another since graduating from Leeds College of Art in 1968. My career has included working in professional theatre, galleries and arts centres as well as teaching. I have been a writer for as long as I can remember, and it was a logical extension to my work in the arts to begin writing review and articles somewhere around 1972. Over a period of time, often taking ‘the road less travelled’, I have been enabled to travel widely to the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East as a writer, lecturer, curator and juror.” Richard Noyce

Richard Noyce is a renowned British writer, scholar and art critic, known especially for his important international role in the world of printmaking. He writes and speaks regularly on the visual arts and, in addition to many reviews and articles published in British and European magazines, he has written several books on contemporary painting, graphic arts, and printmaking, such as Contemporary Painting in Poland (1995), Contemporary Graphic Art in Poland (1997), Printmaking at the Edge (2006), Critical Mass: Printmaking Beyond the Edge (2006, reprinted 2008, 2010, 2013), Printmaking Off the Beaten Track (2013).

He was awarded the 1996 AAASS/Orbis Polish Book Prize and is an experienced international competition juror, serving as President of the Awards Jury at the Kraków International Print Triennial, 2003, 2006, 2009 as well being a juror for numerous other international print and drawing biennials and triennials including 13th Premio Arte Laguna, Venice, Italy (2019);  2nd International Print Biennial, Łódź, Poland (2017); Splitgraphic 7, Split, Croatia
and 10e Biennale Internationale de Gravure Contemporaine de Liège, Belgium (2015);  Grafika-S Print Competition, Riga, Latvia (2014);  XXI Premio Maximo Ramos, Ferrol, Galicia, Spain (2010) and  Wrocław International Drawing Competition. Poland (2009), among others.

He has been a visiting professor and lecturer in a number of universities in North America, Europe and Asia, and has contributed papers to many international conferences. He is a regular contributor to Printmaking Today (UK) and Actuel (France/Belgium) and was the Contributing Editor (Europe) for Art Bahrain 2014-19.

Richard Noyce
1944 |  Chichester, England
A freelance Writer, Lecturer, Curator and Artist, with a long-standing interest and experience of creative and critical writing since 1960, currently living in Mid-Wales, UK

1961-62 | Portsmouth School of Architecture, UK
1968| BA, Honors Diploma in Art and Design.  Leeds College of Art, UK

2019 | Awarded Honorary Doctorate, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
2016-2006 | 50th Jubilee Medal of the International Print Triennale Society, Kraków, Poland

2019 | Ulsan Woodcut Festival, Ulsan, South Korea2007 | Prints of Wales, Belger Arts Center, Kansas City, USA
2016-2011 | International Print Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 | Main Exhibition, 5th International Experimental Engraving Biennial, Bucharest, Romania
2011-2007 | Wrexham Print International, Wales, UK
2011 | BITE, London, UK

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A Journey to Buenos Aires
Richard Noyce

29.11.13 07.12.13

“From November 29 to December 7 2013, I was invited by the British Council and Fundación´ace to visit Argentina. This very welcome invitation enabled me to attend the opening of the Further and Critical Mass exhibitions, two visual projects that emerged from a collaborative work between the artists who have been reviewed in his books. In addition, I gave the lecture ‘Traces and Footprints’ – within a panel in which Argentine artists Mirta Kupferminc and Alicia Candiani also participated – and gave a master class about “Artists writing about art”, visited workshops and reviewed portfolios for Argentine artists. The multiple net-working activities enabled me to meet Argentine artists and critics in an intensive and stimulating week. Previously, I had already participated in a videoconference with Argentinean artists in ´ace on September 20 as the opening of the [Ciclos] project.”


Richard Noyce writes on contemporary art and exposes his ideas and thoughts by lecturing and participating in international symposia.

He has written three fundamental books for contemporary printmaking as well as expanded field work done through print media: Printmaking off the Beaten Track – a study of printmaking and print art in some lesser known countries, including those that have been or are still being, subject to conflict, Critical Mass – Printmaking Beyond the Edge and Printmaking in the Edge, the latter having been reissued a second time due to its success.

He was awarded the 1996 AAASS / Orbis Polish Book Prize.

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Richard Noyce´s Activities

Saturday, November 30th. 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Opening Further and Critical Mass portfolios exhibitions. Party in the terrace.
Fundación ´ace | Conesa 667 | Colegiales
Monday, December 2th. 8.00 pm
Welcome cocktail and Argentine artists portfolios reviews
Caracas Bar |Guatemala 4802|Palermo
Thursday, December 5th, 4.00 to 6.00pm
Masterclass/ Workshop: Artists Writing About Art
Fundación ´ace | Conesa 667 | Colegiales
Friday, December 6th. 7.00pm
Lecture/ Panel: Tracks and Edges
with Alicia Candiani and Mirta Kupferminc
British Arts Centre | Suipacha 1333 | Retiro

Richard Noyce visit has been possible thanks to:


[Ciclos] Artists talks
Artists in Dialogue

20.09.13 01.11.13

As part of the International Project ” [Cycles] Portfolio exchange, there were four group discussions and theoretical support to the project through video-conferences, where we will be discussing issues that make the practice of the printmaking in the contemporary art world context such as, the practice of printmaking in a wide field, collaborative work: portfolios, international projects, residences, new criteria for the commissioners of the international biennial of printmaking, the construction of the work from multiple graphics in public spaces and actions with the community, among other topics.

Group discussions are used as a tool to stimulate sharing of experiences in an informal environment, combining formats of discussion, public participation, and the used of printed material.  Given the vast experience of each of the guests, there will be printed material that will support each discussion group: books, catalogs and other portfolios organized by the guests who are already in the library of the Foundation.

These group discussions (in the format of video-conference) are open to everybody, and they are also part of the [Cycles] Program. The last one will be on Monday January 13, 2014.


Guest speakers

Richard Noyce (UK) | September 20, 2013
Anne Heyvaert (France/Spain) | October 4, 2013
Michael Schneider (Austria) and Patricia Villalobos Echeverría (Nicaragua/USA)| October 18, 2013
John Hitchcock (USA) | January 13, 2014


Artist-in-Residence International Program

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International Airport

Ministro Pistarini- Ezeiza (EZE)
Buenos Aires
45' to 60' trip

Domestic Airport

Aeroparque Jorge Newbery
Buenos Aires


38, 39, 41, 42, 59, 63, 65, 67, 68, 151, 152, 161, 184, 194 and 168 (stop in the front door)


D Line (Green)
Olleros Station (4 blocks, 4')


Mitre Line (either to Leon Suarez or Mitre)
Colegiales Station (1 block, 1')

The Latin America's Paris

Buenos Aires is Argentine Republic's capital city. With 15,000,000 inhabitants, it is one of the largest cities in Latin America and one of the 10 most populous urban centers in the world. Its cosmopolitan and urban character vibrates to the rhythm of a great cultural offer that includes monuments, churches, museums, art galleries, opera, music and theaters; squares, parks and gardens with old groves; characteristic neighborhoods; large shopping centers and fairs. Here we also find a very good lodging facilities, with accommodation ranging from hostels to five-star hotels of the main international chains. Buenos Aires also show off about its variety of restaurants with all the cuisines of the world, as well as to have cafes and flower kiosks on every corner.

A neighborhood founded on the Jesuit farms in the 17th century

We are located in Colegiales neighborhood where the tree-lined streets, some of which still have their original cobblestones, invite you to walk. Although the apartment buildings advance, low houses still predominate. It is a district of the city where about 20 TV production companies, design studios, artist workshops and the Rock&Pop radio have been located. The neighborhood also has six squares, one of which pays homage to Mafalda, the Flea Market, shops, restaurants and cafes like its neighboring Barrios de Palermo and Belgrano, with which it limits.

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