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Jeff Sippel
Visiting artist

27.07.09 02.08.09

Jeff Sippel is an artist, teacher and renowned master printer within the graphic arts field who has been invited by ‘ace to teach a waterless photolithography workshop and hold an exhibition with a group of international artists. Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Missouri-St. Louis. Missouri, USA. Researcher, Professor Outstanding in traditional lithography and lithography without water. He gives symposia in the United States, Canada, Poland, Belgium. Bulgaria, Finland, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, and India. Collaborator and technical advisor to other artists.

Sippel obtained his training at Arizona State University, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and later at the Tamarind Institute, New Mexico, USA, where he gained ample experience in traditional lithography and became interested in research in the field of lithography on aluminum and more specific specific a broad saber in lithography without water and non-toxic techniques; lithography on polyester plate; mokulitho – an exquisite Japanese technique on a wooden plate – and lithography on a plate.

His great teaching work has taken him to visit many countries to offer seminars and workshops. He is considered an important collaborator and reference for other artists.


Jeff Sippel 
Born and lives in the USA.

MFA, Arizona State University. USA.
1976 | BA, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. USA.
1988-98 | Associate Professor and Educational Director Tamarind Institute. New Mexico, USA.

Lalit Kala Academy. New Delhi, India.
Cecille R. Hunt Gallery. Missouri, USA.
Webster University. Missouri, USA.
Haggar Gallery. USA.
University of Dallas, USA.
Steinberg Art Gallery. USA.
University of Washington. St. Louis, USA.
Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. Louisiana, USA.
Knoxville Museum of Art. Tennessee, USA.
Grunwald Center for the Arts and University of California. Los Angeles, USA.

2008 | Permanent Collection Christchurch Polytechnic Institute. Christchurch, New Zealand; BSPM Collection. Chicago, USA.
2007 | Permanent Collection Fine Art Museum, Western Carolina University Fine and Performing Arts Center, USA.
2006 | Permanent Collection Museum of Art, Texas Tech University. USA.
2006 | Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences Permanent Collection. Illinois, USA.
2004 | Permanent Collection Huntsville Museum of Art. Alabama, USA.

Related Activities

International Projects, Workshops

Jeff Sippel

22.07.09 02.08.09

Within the framework of the International Project, LITHOBAIRES ´09 will be developed, a project directed by Jeff Sippel, former Educational Director and masterprinter of the renowned lithography center Tamarind Institute of New Mexico, which will take place from July 22 to August 2, 2009.

Sippel is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis from United States. His experience in traditional lithography and water lithography has led him to hold exhibitions, workshops, conferences and demonstrations at many universities and in countries such as Germany, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Bulgaria, India, Poland, Chile, South Africa, Venezuela , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Colombia. He has worked in collaboration with more than a hundred artists from around the world. He helped organize and run the professional workshop in Lamspringe, Germany “Quensen”.

His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. His work is part of the main private and public collections.

LITHOBAIRES will begin on July 22 with the opening of the exhibition New Wings / Nuevos Aires in which lithographs of the invited international artists will be exhibited. A series of activities are planned for the participating artists. The activities will conclude with a 5-day workshop in which Sippel will demonstrate graphic techniques that also include a time of personal experimentation on waterless lithography techniques which can be carried out in workshops that have an intaglio press. It is a workshop dedicated especially for art teachers and artists who wish to achieve the qualities of traditional lithography but who do not have the specific equipment to do so.

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Jeff Sippel (USA)
Alicia Candiani (Argentina)
Adriana Moracci (Argentina)

Participant artists
Silvia Brewda (Argentina) | Telma Castro (Argentina) | Mariela Constant (Argentina) | Stephen Dalay (USA) | Jorge Eliecer Rodriguez (Colombia) | Alejandra Escribano (Argentina) | Charito Estrada (Argentina) | Alicia Galindo (Argentina) | Ana Giuffrida (Argentina) | Leonor Goldenberg (Argentina) | Rahman Mohamed (Malasya) | | Bruno Patyn (Belgium) | María Angélica Quilodrán (Argentina) | Mariú Rayo (Argentina) | Alejandro Rosales Lugo (Mexico) | Lucía Torres (Argentina)


New Winds
Artists in dialogue

27.07.09 02.08.09

The International Project LITHOBAIRES began on July 22 with the opening of the exhibition New Winds / Nuevos Aires, in the Sala Políglota de ´ace, where lithographs of the invited international artists are exhibited.

The curatorship by Alicia Candiani, also contributed works from her collection and included lithographs by Ernesto Pesce, Beauvois Lyon, Robin Kaneshiro, Silvia Brewda, Rahman Mohamed, Alejandro Rosales Lugo, Stephen Dalay, Jorge Eliecer Rodríguez and Sippel and Candiani themselves.

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Alicia Candiani (Argentina)

Jeff Sippel (USA)
Ernesto Pesce (Argentina)
Beauvois Lyon (USA)
Robin Kaneshiro (USA)
Silvia Brewda (Argentina)
Rahman Mohamed (Malasya)
Alejandro Rosales Lugo (Mexico)
Stephen Dalay (USA)
Jorge Eliecer Rodríguez (Colombia)
Alicia Candiani (Argentina)

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