From 2005, the Artist in Residence International Program (ARIP) is 'ace’s core program and the starting point of many of our activities and projects. To be in residence at ‘ace means: to work collaboratively, to receive technical and artistic assistance and to be immersed in a vibrant city's cultural life. While in residence, the artists will benefit from an intense production time enhanced by the exchange of ideas and experiences with peers.

Artists-in-residence are selected by their proposals submitted by an online open call. Ace pays special attention to those projects questioning the singularity of the art object by using the reproducible capacity of traditional and/or experimental printmaking techniques, photography, new media and/or design, exploring their mutual interference and hybridizations, as well as those proposals that attempt to make interventions in the urban environment. 

1) To provide artists with the time, space and assistantship to create new work through the production of a project, the exploration of innovative ideas or the intevention in the city and / or the community.
2) To promote the artistic and cultural exchange as a platform for generating new ideas and to allow artists to take risks, giving them an opportunity to engage in a lively dialogue with other artists, curators, art institutions as well as within the city of Buenos Aires, one of the Latin America’s major cultural cities.

1) International established artists as well as emerging artists coming from all disciplines from the Visual Arts.
2) International emerging or established curators who want to take advantage of our library and private studio facilities, as well as those who are interested in the city itself for research curatorial work.

Ace is an independent non-profit organization. Currently, it does not have financial resources to sponsor the residencies. We are offering two types of residencies:

1) Paid residencies: the fee should be paid by the artist or sponsors in their countries of origin. Registration is free and there are four open calls per year.
2) Exchange residencies: this format results from previous agreements with cities and international institutions. This residence format will be announced in the web site home page when it is available.

´ace is a member of Res Artis, an international network of non-profit organizations that provide artists with residency opportunities and of Residencias_en_Red[i]an Latin American Spain platform of spaces working with research, production and exhibition of contemporary art and culture, connected particularly through its residency programs.