In the late 90's, and based on her own experiences as an artist-in-residence in different parts of the world, Alicia Candiani began to imagine a new independent art production space located in Buenos Aires, her home city. 

As a career artist trained in her country but with a wide international background, Alicia conceived this space as a bridge to unite artists from diverse races, national origins, religions, professional levels, gender identity as well as artistic disciplines linking all of them with the local community. 

The opportunity to purchase a 100 years old house and to realize her vision arose in 2000. In 2004, Proyecto´ace moved to its “new” place, contributing to the neighborhood recovery process which has begun in the 90’s with the installation of several TV studios, artists’ ateliers, art galleries, and spaces that worked as the breeding ground for emerging designers and cutting edge artists. 

Today, Proyecto ´ace counts with the best interdisciplinary facilities in the area, including three exhibition spaces, a non-toxic printmaking workshop, lab/dark-room, a reading room focused on Contemporary Art and Print Media and an apartment to host residents. 


-Proyecto'ace was born, literally and metaphorically, as a "project" to be developed.

-An old house from 1914 was bought in the Colegiales neighborhood. 

-´Proyecto´ace started to do projects in Buenos Aires.

-The house refurbishment started.

-Proyecto'ace is invited to participate in "Interprint”, a network of art institutions devoted to printmaking, which was begun by the Maastricht  Academy of Arts in the Netherlands. The event was held at the University of Connecticut in the U.S. involving art institutions from England, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Poland and the United States.

-In this event Alicia met Malcolm Christian -founder and director of the Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers in South Africa - who would be a mentor for the residency programs.

-The renovation of the building is completed and ´ace moved to its new space.

-Proyecto'ace is invited to participate in the Ljubljana International Biennial of Graphic Art ´s 50th edition. The directors and curators met in Ljubljana to design the biennial. The MoMA and the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the Spain and Italy National Chalcography, the Tate Gallery in London and major international print biennials are also invited.


-SUNEK (Foster) 50th Biennial in Ljubljana International Biennial of Graphic Art opening celebrated in Slovenia. Proyecto'ace presented an installation by Uruguayan artist Rimer Cardillo at Tobacna Factory.

-The residency program is officially established with the opening of Anita Jung´s exhibition "Fairy Tales".  The show addressed the social consequences of Hurricane Katrina two months after the disaster. The exhibited work moved the audience because the chronological proximity of the tragedy. The installation was produced entirely in Buenos Aires as part of the artist’s residence.

-The Pandora Project led by Rimer Cardillo and Alicia Candiani was the first international project hold in 'ace, involving students from the State University of New York and artists from Chile, Argentina and the United States.

“Ën Concreto" became the first urban intervention made by artist in residence Rafael Trelles (Puerto Rico).

-Ten years after starting with the idea and 5 years of implementing the first residency, Proyecto'ace became Fundación'ace approved by the Argentine Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights.