In the year 2004 ´ace moved to its definitive space in Colegiales neighbourhood, Buenos Aires city. It is a family residence built in the year 1914 -a typical construction of the suburbs of the city from the early twentieth century- and neatly repaired for over a period of 2 years with the purpose of converting it into the dreamed space capable of developing our activities.

The restoration project respected the traditional structure of “casa chorizo” as well as recovered all the original rudiments that the house already had (the carpentry, some roofs, the pinotea floor of the project room) adding lots of  value through a careful & specialized restoration process.

The architectonical space was re-structured on a base of three main spaces: the POLIGLOTA ROOM (Our public area for projects & exhibitions), the PRINT WORKSHOP/DARK ROOM and the LIBRARY/DIGITAL MEDIA ROOM, which all complement with a private Studio named after  “THE TOWER”, a coffee & lunch area, restrooms, a deposit and a beautiful TERRACE that allows fun & recreation.