Youngjoo Yoo
Seoul, South Korea. 

Studied at the Glasgow School of Art

She has exhibited with solo shows in Seoul, Jeju (Korea), St-Louis (Senegal) and Glasgow (UK): collective exhibitions throughout Seoul, Jeju, Boryeong, Yeosu, Bucheon (Korea), Lagos (Nigeria) Berlin (Germany), Glasgow, Edinburgh (UK), Bilbao (Spain)

Residencies' award: ArtHub, Kingman, AZ, USA; WACS, Boryeong, Korea; ZK/U, Berlin, Germany; Space Yang, Jeju, Korea; Waaw, St-Louis, Senegal; Fundacion Bilbao Arte Fundazioa, Bilbao, Spain 

Young Joo Yoo


Can you hear me?

13.11.2017 to 07.12.2017


I believe life itself can be art. What life and environment affect me are important sources of artistic practice. These influences are evident in my choice of subject matter, but they have also influenced the forms in my work.
I greatly admire Dieter Roth’s method of exploring the subject, 'life and art'. Roth retained his diaries and notebooks, preserved everything he consumed and filmed even his everyday life in the end of his life. I appreciate his enthusiastic and thorough working methods.
However my aesthetic principle is less about producing objects for my creative practice. Sometimes I feel that artists are about to ruin this planet due to our compulsion to make excessively: too much value is placed on artifacts as outcomes. On a human level, I believe I have an ethical obligation to avoid polluting our world. Throughout my recent projects I produced as few new objects as possible.
Now I'm more interested in the wonderful collective, core human spirit and idiosyncrasies of humankind. In my making, I question and explore what remains if my work won't exist as an artifact. This concern keeps me engaged, and expands the boundaries of this aspect of my work. The process of exploring creativity grounded in a sustainable, ‘non-making’ ethos is liberating, and engaging.
I now focus on sound, interviews, performance and writing realised as installations as a way of maximising conversation and minimising the productions of made outcomes.