Strictly speaking a webinar (web-based seminar) is a conference, critic, seminar, workshop presented via the Internet and in which you can participate by accessing the web browser on your computer.

Based on this concept, ´ace s WebinarTs are new protocols of working and learning on-line that we are implementing in order to provide professional development on-line.

Through the creative use of digital tools provided by the Webinars, Webcasts and communications via Skype ´ace has made a synthesis called WebinarTs!. By these means, activities such portfolio reviews, some workshops and lectures that take place in 'ace will be available to interested artists, transferring knowledge regardless of physical location in which they are located.




15.03.2012 to 31.12.2012

Are you looking to expand your skills and professional/technical knowledge?
Not always have time to travel to meetings and presentations?
Or they do not coincide with your availability?

´ace is pleased to announce a new online program that will provide quality professional development and networking for artists. Presented by experts in the field, will allow the WebinarTs organize their free time and learn directly from your desktop.

In 2012 we start this new program with a series of activities to be delivered by members of 'ace, for the moment inly in Spanish. In the future we will have special guests and the possibility of realizing them in English.

When we founded Fusionarte in 2008-an online community of  Spanish speaking artists and curators (which today reaches 2,500 members) we thought to use the feature advantages of Web 2.0, a term that is associated with web applications that facilitate information sharing and creation of virtual communities.

On many occasions, Fusinarte´s members have mailed us asking to join ´ace activities (portfolio reviews, workshops, lectures) virtually.  This idea fascinated  us from the beginning and today we are able to make it happen.