Fundación ´ace para el Arte Contemporáneo is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage all kinds of initiatives and activities related to contemporary art -being educational, artistic or social- and the artists' professional development, promoting the generation of ideas and innovative practices and an international cultural exchange together with the development of values through art in the local community.



Colaborate at ´ace

17.01.2012 to 15.02.2012

Fundación ´ace para el Arte Contemporáneo announces the opening of its Volunteer Program and calls for the registration of volunteers to assist in our project.

The objectives of our organization, mentioned in the Mission and Vision, described by themselves volunteers'  profile. We look for students, teachers, and professionals who identify with these objectives and offer generously their time to their community, giving themselves the possibility to participate in an artistic experience that celebrates cultural, sexual, religious, racial and artistic diversity.


a) Managers with experience in cultural and artistic project management to perform volunteer help to develop international art projects, organize and coordinate fundraising for them and to get grants or scholarships that can give corporations, governments or other NPOs to subsidize the National Artistic Residence Program 2012-2013.
b) Communicators to handle social networking and web tools to organize and coordinate communication actions in the community to publicize ´ace activities and programs.
c) College students who wish to contact an organization that has strong cultural ties and international artists who want to work as factotums (assistants in various organizational activities).

Those interested in supporting this project will colaborate as "individuals who develop, for self-determination in a free, altruistic and supportive way tasks of general interest to the organization without receiving  salary or any financial compensation "(Law 25855 Social Volunteering, Art 3 º).


a) The call will be open from January 17th until the 15th of February at 12.00 pm.

b) The volunteer will join Fundación'ace’s  team from March 1st 2012 for a period of three months.

c) Applicants must be:
1. People of any nationality fluent in Spanish and English spoken and written, speaking any of them as a first language.
2. Living in  Buenos Aires or Greater Buenos Aires.
3. Integrate the project with a minimum of 16 hours a week for three months.

To register send up until February 15 by mail to:
info [at]

Your Last Name_Your first Name_Volunteers

1) Registration Form 
2) Letter of Intent with the aim and commitment to be a volunteer at ´ace.
3) Resume personal portrait