Ulrich Ludat was born in 1959 in Öhringen, Germany. Currently, he lives and works as independent artist in Saarbrücken, Germany.

He studied Romance Philology, Philosophy and Musicology in Germany and Italy and Music at the Saarbrücken State Conservatory (Diploma, 1990).

From 1990 until 1999 he was teaching instrumental music at several public and private music schools. At the same time, from 1990-2006, he was active as performer and instrumentalist with the 'ensemble for astonishing music [archae.o.pteryx]', specialized in contemporary music (theatre) and performances.

From 2003, Ulrich Ludat was intensifying his artistic work as composer of pieces using self-invented and constructed 'instruments', adding performance elements, multi-channel audio-playback, video, and even film. To realize the multimedia part of some compositions he worked at as important institutions like the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Since 2008 he is realizing large projects, accompanied and 'disturbed' by smaller ones.

Ulrich Ludat



13.02.2012 to 02.03.2012

The first artist in residence in 2012, Ulrich Ludat,  poetically defines his self as an artist that "looks with the ears and listens with the eyes". The entire ace team is looking forward to work with this artist whose musical background will add a totally new approach to our residencies program!


Artistic work in different ways is the thread in my life. It is not the case that I absolutely want to be someone being (hyper)active as an artist, but life and circumstances seem to coerce me into doing that. In a certain way 'it happens to me' being active as an artist. Artistic activity seems to be as necessary to me as for example eating, drinking, and loving.

For I am first of all an auditive perceiving person, the acoustic world is my main domain. I am listening with the eyes, and looking with the ears. Sound, recorded sound, generates new - virtual / imaginary - worlds, which certainly differ quite heavily from the 'real' ones, and if you are open minded they are as real as the 'real' ones.

Another field of 'activity' in my artwork is to perceive and work/play with 'force fields', or more specific 'spheres of influence'. Everyday life of everybody, consciously or not, is deeply affected by these spheres. If you change something anywhere, you interfere with a huge amount of them, a sort of 'virtual atmospheric friction' occurs. Most of my (long term) performances deal with the conflict zones where they interfere with each other.

Photography and/or videography - in combination with 'audiography' - can be a very powerful way to make visible which seems to be invisible/inaudible. Urban space, for me, is the most interesting area where art is occurring, even not being intended as such. That's what I am looking for...