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22.02.2013 to 10.04.2013

TRANS:MIGRATIONS exhibition, along with the International Project CROSSOVER, address the concept of transference,  artistically as well as  geographically and spiritually, with a selection of works from the collection of Fundación'ace para el Arte Contemporáneo thought by Adriana Moracci  from ´ace team. 

Transmigration is a concept that refers to the migration of both people to other geographical locations and the soul of human beings to other individuals either people or animals. Based on this idea TRANS: MIGRATION places value concepts and images that echo one another conceptually and spatially between the selected artists: American Peregrine Honig, Wayne Keppler, Danielle Peters and Meredith Setser and Argentine Noel Loeschbor and Alejandro Scasso, all of them artists that participated in the 'acePIRAR  International Artist-in-Residence Program.