Born in Canada. Raised in southern Saskatchewan on a small grain farm.
MFA from the University of Alberta and BFA from the University of Regina in Canada.
In 2013 became the Head of Printmaking and Director of the Venice Program in Printmaking and Artists Books at Indiana University Bloomington. 
Former teacher at Southern Oregon University, Illinois State University, the University of Regina, and the University of Alberta.

More than 150 exhibitions across North America, Asia, and Europe. Solo shows at Duke University in North Carolina, Inkubator Press in Kansas City, and Anchor Graphics in Chicago. Group shows include Resonance – Canadian Printmaking in Beijing, Formative Impressions in Seoul, Contemporary Prints in Tokyo, IMPRINT: City of Northern Lights in Warsaw, and Canadian Printmaking in Washington, DC.
Honorary Mention at the Seoul Print Biennial and third place in the Great Canadian Printmaking Competition. Specializing in photographic etching, she has lectured extensively at such institutions as Warsaw Academy of Art in Poland; Anchor Graphics, Chicago and Kansas City Art Institute. Her prints appear in approximately sixty different collections worldwide.


Tracy Templeton



16.05.2016 to 10.06.2016

Tracy Templeton
is a visual artist and the head of printmaking at Indiana University. She has specialised in photographic etching and has lectured extensively on the technique and her artwork in numerous institutions in Europe and USA. During her time in Buenos Aires she did an artistic residency within the 'acePIRAR Program, exhibited her artwork in the Fundación 'ace facilities as well as in the Instituto Superior Santa Ana where she also gave a lecture and demonstration on photographic etching. Templeton’s time at ‘ace was very rewarding in many ways. She showed a very focused and generous way of working, aspects that we always search to convey as we consider them essential when working collaboratively.


Much of my early work chronicled the abandoned rural homesteads that characterise the Canadian prairie where I was raised. My images capture the subtle changes wrought by time, the unremarkable gaps between events, and what is left at the end. Memories reemerge as evocative fragments of actuality in the present and invite reflection on the past.

I approach my work without any preconceived outcome. The photographs I begin with act mainly as immediate visual records that are manipulated throughout the printmaking process. During the production I have the opportunity to alter and reduce the photo imagery, simplifying it and simultaneously broadening its’ meaning by drawing attention to the essence of the subject.

I have discovered that throughout my work, what might be mistaken as technical artificiality, does in fact become the catalyst for the very organic process of seeing and feeling.
Consequently the reworked image reveals the deeper complexities and the profound, but intangible, results of experience.

Through exploration of the environment and culture in Argentina and ongoing analysis of imagery I hope to address ideas surrounding Trajectory -exploring imagery about the phenomenology of space and time in conjunction with our sense of place(ment). Our lives are composites of continuous journey: from one side of the room to another, across a city, country or continents.  Common across these movements is a thread or temporality -remembering where we were and imagining where we are going. In doing so there is an entanglement of the body in its relationship to reminiscence as we are conspicuously aware of the past even as we are acting in the present. The expression "taking places with us" supports tangible meaning through this awareness.  It hints at the tension between identity and otherness and the interconnectedness of original experience versus augmentation of experience through memory.