Tracey Bullington
(1991. New Orleans, Louisiana. USA)

BFA. School of the Museum of Fine Arts in partnership with Tufts University, USA

Master of Arts in Teaching. Tufts University, USA

Tracey Bullington


The Ground...

26.06.2017 to 21.07.2017

Tracey Bullington, American artist in residence in the SUB30 Program during July, has participated in a variety of group exhibitions in New Orleans, Boston, New York and Montreal. She works as a high school teacher in New Orleans where she teaches drawing, painting and other two dimensional media to high school students. As an educator, Tracey creates exhibitions and publication opportunities for young people in her community and has curated youth exhibitions at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and the Audubon Zoo. Tracey facilitated publication of Lo Inolvidable, a bilingual book of stories by Latino teenagers and recently completed a large public mural with her students.


My work explores the relationship between text and image and the symbolism of objects. Upon arriving to Buenos Aires for the Áce residency, I was both excited and overwhelmed by the systems, customs and history of a city that was totally new to me. I constantly said things differently than I intended as I struggled to speak Spanish and usually found myself lost as I walked along the crisscrossing and converging streets around my apartment. As I struggled to get around and communicate, I began photographing objects that felt familiar and required no verbal explanation— the jungle gym in the park, for example, where kids played without needing instructions. I used these collected images to create a series of prints that explore communication across boundaries and comfort in an unfamiliar landscape.

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