Toni Ardizzone
1977, Indianapolis, Indiana. USA

2006 BFA,  Indiana University 
Her undergraduate education is highlighted by studies in Hunan, China through Hunan Normal University. 
She is a full-time artist and 2020 MFA candidate at Florida State University. 

She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States. In 2019, her solo exhibitions included Emergency Response, Thomasville Center for the Arts, Thomasville, GA; CORPORA, Mohawk, Austin, TX; and Planting Ghosts, Tallahassee, FL. Her public murals have been commissioned by Facebook, SXSW, HOPE Campaign, and Austin City Limits Festival. 

This year she studied in Ontario and Quebec at the Ayatana residency “Mortem,” focusing on the bridge between science and art. She has been nominated for the Daedalus Foundation fellowship in 2020. 

Toni Ardizzone


Palimpsesto [6]

11.11.2019 to 22.11.2019

Toni Ardizzone (USA) is the tenth artist who is involved in our terrace in the Palimpsest Project [6]. Palimpsest  is a mural painting residency that invites emerging artists to perform visual dialogues between the works of each other in the terrace of ‘ace. Jenny´s mural will add new images and "conversations" among previous interventions which were begun by the Colombian Felipe Garcia and continued by  "Kiik Create" (Puerto Rico-USA), "Buck Teeth Girls Club" (Canada), ALMA (Brazil), Cosby Hayes (USA) and Toia Grehan (Argentina) and Jenny Ustick (USA)

Artist Statement 

I paint with ferocity. Using a vibrant color palette, bold brushwork, and industrious materials, my work exposes several years of experience as a commercial/residential painter, spray booth technician, and muralist. Equal parts contemplation and impulse, my paintings are the result of a laborious studio practice.
In my most recent work, the boundary between 2D media and sculpture is undefined.  Combining domestic textiles, hurricane debris, photographs, and found objects with drawing and painting, I transform discarded materials into curated assemblages. Wildly patterned fabrics allow me to embrace morose and macabre themes with vigor, while making connections between survival, death, and trauma. 
These dense picture planes describe an investigation into entropic subject matter, grounded in decomposing hospital flowers. Collected as tokens of my own memento mori, the weakened blooms, curling leaves, and fading colors reveal themselves as symbols of aftermath and recovery. Exploring the destructive path of the recent Hurricane Michael has helped contextualize my personal experience of survival. Mixing collected debris and large-scale color photos, the artwork emerges as documentation. It is met with my vivacious approach and obliterated forms, creating work that is unapologetic. 
My murals are identified by the same level of exuberance; They are the record of the performance of making them. Accidental drips, gestural lines, and evident brush and roll technique present the memory of the human hand. 

Toni presented her mural painting in the aceNITE of November 20th, a piece in itself but at the same time interacts and dialogues with the previous murals.