Born in 1977, Łódź, Poland. 

Graduated from the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Diploma at the Studio of Lithographic Techniques at the same academy. Doctor in Art (PhD).

Since 2004 teacher’s assistant at Professor Witold Warzywoda’s Studio of Lithographic Techniques. Since 2013 teacher of the International Summer Courses PATA held in Łódź, first as an assistant and since 2016 running his course entitled “Graphic Diversity”.

He holds 8 solo exhibitions in Poland and in The Netherlands. He specializes in lithography and digital print. He participated in over 70 national and international group exhibitions of printmaking in Poland and abroad, among others in Urbino, Kochi, Sarcelles-Val, Varna, Yokosuka, Edmonton, Ostrava and Vernon.

Tomasz Matczak



20.02.2019 to 01.03.2019

We have the pleasure to receive Tomasz Matczak as a Guest Artist in our International Program and exhibit a body of his graphic work at Poliglota Gallery in Fundación´ace para el Arte Contemporáneo. Parallel to his visit the artist will deliverer a workshop, make studio visits and participate of a full day of activities with Argentine artists opened to the local public.


My prints are fruit of continuous observation of the natural phenomena.
I am fascinated with the unique atmosphere created by light and color in different landscapes and the emotions they evoke. In my works I try to render the magic climate of the nature that surrounds me.

I transform simple sketches into more monumental visions suggesting the metaphysical meaning of what happens around us. The main theme of some of my works is the meeting of the sky and the earth and the exchange of energy between them. On horizontal format I try to depict big powers of nature. 

I often reduce the colour scale concentrating on subtle variations of tones to create a specific, intimate atmosphere which invites the observer to somehow enter the world of my imagination.

I start with taking photographic and pastel sketches from nature. Based on these drawings I start my work on the print. I like to experiment with lithographic techniques – algraphy, polyester plates or ferrography- the innovative method using iron plates as an alternative for lime stone. Digital technology allows me to combine different images together, control the quality of color, its intensity and brightness on every inch of the print. I make various proofs of print to choose the best color scale and I print in several layers. I also work on the textures and use different layers of colours trying to follow the lesson of Italian and Dutch Masters of painting.