Carla Beretta, born in Argentina, in the city of Rosario. 

She graduated from the School of Visual Arts Provincial Juan Manuel Belgrano, Rosario. She obtained a BA in Visual Arts at the Universidad del Litoral,Santa Fe. She studied contemporary mixed media and non-toxic etching with the artist María A. Vicari. She specialized in digital art and photography. Carla has participated in numerous international exhibitions.

Carla Beretta


The hanged

29.07.2013 to 27.11.2013

Since April, artist Carla Beretta is doing  a special residence for Argentine artists which extend over several months with a physical assistance to work in our workshops a week at a time and tutorials on the project for the rest of the time. 

In recent months  Carla has focused on the project "Hanging" that is growing increasingly, between round trips to Rosario loaded with cables, canvas and boards. For this proposal we invented wooden rollers and cables and multiple techniques for printing on fabric and paper.


I observed, investigated the mood, difficulties, skills of kids of different social sectors. "Below the same moon" was the first proposal for his project. In my spiral thoughts started to settle in the awareness of these kids that looked so different had diverse origins, parents, life experiences and circumstances. When I looked a side that same moon I stumbled into a pole with loose, fragile, dangerous wires of electric installations. Then...people that hangs from electric power/light...those underprivileged kids parents: "The hanged"

That is why I want to contribute with a different look toward the issue of "the hanged". Think of them as people to whom the subjective process, health, job, education, dignity is not allowed,.