Teresa Puig Pastor (1971) born in Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.
Bachelor in Visual Arts in the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.
Master in Fine Arts in the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), UK.
2013 Postgraduate in Art and Digital Culture in the UOC-LABoral,(Universitat Oberta de Catalunya y Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial) 
Artist-in-residence in Berlin, Mexico and Perú
Her work has been exhibited in the UK, Germany, USA, Spain, Azerbaiyan and Norway.
She currently lives in Río de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Teresa Puig


sin título

02.03.2015 to 06.03.2015

During a micro-residency, Teresa Puig did a mapping of her every day walk from her lodging area to the 'ace studio. In order to design a 3D map she is collecting information and pictures. Her work is based in a deep research on urbanism and the particularities of Buenos Aires.

Puig is interested in the representation of spaces, tracks and time, situations and experiences, both personal and general. The artist is also interested in topics such as presence and absence, life and decay, as well as the sense of the paths of time. 


We live somewhere: in a country, in a town in that county, in a neighbourhood, in a building in that street, in an apartment in that building.
Georges Perec

According to Perec, we live in a place where we put our roots where we want to belong to.
My work is related to how we perceive and we move on the space. Due to my nomad life, I have come across to many cities where I have to carve out the place in order to fit in. At “Colegiales” neighbourhood, where ACE is located, I felt like at home, somehow it was related to my childhood neighbourhood in Spain. The project is composed of overlapping the two neighbourhood maps, with a symbiosis between them; I’m creating a new space, a new home.