Tehniyet Masood (Karachi, Pakistan. 1979) Lives in Brooklyn, NY. Masood has been working in the architecture field for 14 years, the vocabulary that she has developed from that experience feeds into her own work. Currently, she works at Robert A.M. Stern Architects where she builds architectural models. She did studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL. Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting Bennington College, Bennington VT USA. Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. 

“Repeating Windows” The Hot House, Chicago, IL;  Project for Empty Spaces, 181 Stanton Street, New York, NY;  “Bluebirds” at R. Jampol Projects 191 Henry Street, New York, NY.

Group Sculpture Show, MASS MoCA, Massachusetts; Senior Art Show Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, Bennington, VT; Graduate Show School of the Art Institute of Chicago Gallery 2; Square Foot Show at Art Gotham, New York; Art Raw Inaugural Show, NY; The Gateway Project Phase II, Newark, NJ; Etiquette For Lucid Dreaming, The Gateway Project, Newark, NJ; Through the Looking Glass, The Gateway Project, Newark NJ; Emerald City, The Gateway Project, Newark Penn Station, NJ.  

Tehniyet Masood



17.10.2016 to 29.10.2016

Tehniyet Masood  is a Pakistani born NYC based mixed media installation artist.   During her time at Ace she is doing a site specific installation titled “longing”.  

Longing is an installation inspired by the knots in our chests. Acknowledging the need for what we don’t have. It draws from the universal feelings of belonging and separation. How in our vulnerability we chose to find courage to seek beauty, as occasional as it may be. That’s the tricky thing about beauty, it can’t be tamed to sit by our side it has to be pursued, patiently. The intention is to make a place to rest, where our fears sit next to our hopes, where our dreams of love silence the dissonance. Solace in the hope that love is supposed to be, because some pursuits aren’t worth abandoning.

Tehniyet Masood started day dreaming in Karachi. The narrative of her work draws from the past. The influence of a place is long-standing, so is the everyday ordinary. The politics of the work incline towards the ordinary, the concern and curiosity is about the fold of fabric, the warmth of wood, the length of ribbons, and the way concrete looks beyond the chipped paint. Masood takes levity seriously.

The simplicity of comfort and the difficulty in finding it. Masood doubts that the supply and demand of comfort will ever make front page news, through her work she invites the audience into a different reimagining of the world. A world in which the dissonance is less blunt than the reality of the headlines.

Masood’s intentions are ambiguous but the titles of the work “Chasing sunsets on a Racehorse”, “Prelude", “Oranges”, “Bluebirds”, and “longing” suggest a search for and creating a place of comfort. 

The work takes form as site specific Public art installations.                                               
Masood hopes to start a rumor about a future that is accepting of differences with a common shared goal of finding happiness. The work is neither seamless nor resolved but its made with the hope that adversity doesn’t bring aspirations to a compromised end. 

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