Tania Abrile was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1977. She studied at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba where she graduate as a Bachellor in Fine Arts with concentration in Painting and as a Senior Lecturer.  In 2004 she graduated as Master in Theory and Practice of Contemporary Arts in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

"Drift" Series, Consulate of Argentina in New York, USA (2011)
"On Wheels" Centro Cultural Borges, Curator Martha Nogueira. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010)
White Space, University of San Jorge. Zaragoza, Spain (2009) 
Casona Municipal Cultural Center. Cordoba, Argentina (2003)

2009 "Graduate 2009" National University of Cordoba, Paseo del Buen Pastor, Cordoba, Argentina. IX Contest of Fine Arts Jose Lapayese Bruna, Teruel, Exhibition itinerant Museum Saffron Monreal del Campo, House Daroca and Calamocha, Spain. 3rd Prize "Contest Artery Youth 2009" Monzón, Huesca, Spain. Creation Competition Equiart, Farasdués, Zaragoza, Spain. Mention Small Format Painting. Gallery Mitra. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2007 Fellowship International Workshops of Contemporary Art, TAC. Casa Góngora Cordoba. Cordoba, Spain. Honorable Mention Award Workshop XIX Prado 2006-2007. Madrid, Spain.

Tania Abrile



13.03.2012 to 30.03.2012

Tania  Abrile works passionately trying to grasp the ways in how we experience the surrounding/vital space as well as the private space of home/shelter, looking for insights that are transformed into an accumulation of aesthetic experiences. In this way, new meanings are acquired from the intimate, private, anonymous, passionate, emotional , baffling and unique, where magic is mixed with the everyday.  She appropriates images from the Internet virtual space, taking information and material from different sources and different communication styles and objectives, empowering an alienated and claustrophobic perception of content out of context.

From March 13th this artist from Córdoba, Argentina is working at ´ace on a three-dimensional collage which is being produced for exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACLA ) in La Plata during September 2012. ´ace  time is excited to join her on this project!

This project starts from the concept of "expanded" support in drawing, painting and engraving formulated by Rosalind E. Krauss when she published the article: "Sculpture in the expanded field." Is that , the painting, drawing and printmaking seek out support, forms and traditional materials, bringing the two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional space by creating new spacial spaces transformed in installations, the book object and three-dimensional collage. These techniques are considered graphic and pictorial in that conceptual space generating ideas. To be able to move back and forth alternating between two and three dimensions allows the viewer overlaying different degrees of significance from the visual to the sensorial.

All these free shapes and volumes are created from my own experimentation with the techniques. The images are appropriated from journals on medicine, botany, biology, science, google map, zoology, geometric patterns, astronomy, machines, digital devices and computer that make up the everyday landscape . It seeks to expand on the conceptual, aesthetic experience in contact with the real, in the convulsive action to accumulate and fill from an image generating new aesthetic meanings. New visual sensations are generated in the process of creating the work until the viewer reception through the physical experience of painting, cutting, bending linking the whole process of creation.

Thus, the pieces created in small as well as large format seek the intensity in order to involve the viewer in a world full of sensations. The construction of micro-architectures that refer to actual space, acquiring a form of small-scale installation where the play of light and shade completes the intimate nature of aesthetic experience.