Tamara Elkins (1987) lives in Wollongong Australia, has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts West Wollongong TAFE. Since 2006 she has participated in numerous exhibitions as Paper Trail, Plump Gallery, Enmore (2011); Superheroes & Villians, Tate Gallery Glebe, Australia (2012). Also in 2011 she did a residency in The Red Room Company, Australia. She is currently travelling through South America.

Tamara Elkins



22.04.2013 to 26.04.2013

Tamara Elkins is a multi media artist who has worked predominately in the mediums of drawing, printmaking and performance. The use of bodies in environments has been a key aesthetic theme and metaphor in her pieces. her work is currently moving into exploring themes of gender identity, the ambiguity of our sexualities, the intertwining of masculine and feminine and how it manifests in a singular gender.She is also exploring the question "What are we all yearning for?" a concept mentioned by choreographer Pina Baush in the 2011 doumentary 'Pina', a pivotal influence.


As an artist I've strived to create work that has some resonance of truth, a lot of it has come from my own personal narrative and plays on the idea that we as human beings instinctively conceal. I've always liked the idea though that it wasn't just about me, that it reached beyond that. I like the idea that we can make connections with the people around us through the telling of shared human experience. I suppose that plays into another big theme in my work, loneliness, my own and others.