1993, New York City. USA

2017 BA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts
In addition to her art practice, Kirsh has extensive experience in the performance and the healing arts. 

She has exhibited in New York City, Brooklyn, Washington D.C. Berlin, and Prague and she has spoken at conferences at NYU regarding her work in body oriented artistic expression.
2018 Practices in Printmaking, New York School of the Arts, NYC 
2016 Collaborative Exhibition Exchange, Galerie AMU, Czech Republic / 
20 Under 20: Younger than Rimbaud, Elga Wimmer, NYC / NYU Tisch Photography and Imaging NYC 
2015 Das Blaue vom Himmel versprechen (To promise the Moon), Berlin, Germany. Kunst am Spreeknie Schöneweide Arts Festival
2014 Sensorium: The Art of Perception, GW University Washington D.C./ It is Only Natural SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin 
2015 Unbound, 7 Dunham Gallery, Brooklyn 
2014 Sean Kelley Gallery- Marina Abramovic Generator

Talia Kirsh


The Light Body

25.02.2019 to 22.03.2019

Talia Kirsh is a New York City-based multi-media artist, working in photography, video, painting, installation and printmaking. Her photographic work explores the subtle intimacies of people in cultural and religious spaces. Her work often reflects the juxtaposition of the semiology embedded in these places and how it influences and shapes our human experience.The core of her multimedia, installation, and printmaking work, comes from Kirsh's exploration of body-oriented therapy, the mind-body connection and core emotional release. The genesis of this work comes through the artist's inner sensorium and the practice of embodiment. This process involves feeling the psychic and emotional spectra and moving it into and through the material. 


The Light Body is a portrait of a sacred world, that is simultaneously a natural scene and an inner landscape. These ‘landscapes’ or ‘inscapes’ as I like to call them, don’t depict isolated themes; rather they advocate a universal idea of a total cosmic realm. 

Originally, the concept of The Light Body began with the intention of creating metaphysical diagrams of the human body in meditation and in prayer. These drawings emulated how energy moves through currents within the body and in its surrounding field. Soon, these diagrams began to unfold and deconstruct into primitive energetic symbols and motifs  of mother nature with mystical and etherial qualities. 

Utilizing silk aquatint techniques and spontaneous action painting, I allow the work to be in total flux, being constructed and deconstructed with spontaneous intuition. I layer the plate with hues of water-based ink, oil, and pigment, often utilizing water to create undulating rhythmic patterns emulating auric fields and currents.  I often create gestural impressions into the ink with my hands while simultaneously pulling away layers of pigment to create empty space for the ‘light aspect’ to come through. As intuition and feeling is the key element to my creating process, I sometimes destroy the images by soaking the plate with water in a single moment or slash pigment onto the plate with a spurt of emotion. I treat the creation process like a  dance, unfolding through improvisation and feeling.  As the original marks are moved, removed, sloshed, swirled and scratched, I watch the images create extensions of itself, transforming one existence into another. The final incarnation forms into a psycho-spiritual landscapes where only some elements emanate on the print itself.