Caio Oliveira (Brazil)  holds the position of  Digital Fine Art & Photo Product Manager for Latin America inCANSON.

He began his training in CEFET-SP Automation Industries in 2004. In 2008 he begun his studies in Bussinesss Administration at FATEC-SP  and he  is currently studying at the University Paulista.

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Caio Oliveira


Fine Arts Papers


On Wednesday October 17th from 4.30 to 6.00pm, Caio Oliveira delivered a very interesting talk for all who ventured into digital printing.

We appreciate the presence of artists, photographers, designers and illustrators who participated in this meeting and in particular the Managing Director of Canson Argentina, Alejandro Martín Llurba.


"Knowing the substrates of Fine Art" aims to know more about the substrates used in the digital printing process in the art field. Understand the different types of fibers and treatments that are given to the papers, sets of inks used in the process, printers and all rules and regulations on the use of these papers.

Besides, the talk will focus on what are the practices that exist in the Latin American art market, sharing information about this emerging market that has emerged since 5 years ago as a major source of development for artists and photographers worldwide as well as how it is gaining an increased space  in Latin America.

PUBLIC: artists, photographers and teachers of both specialties.