Sonia Sánchez Avelar (Ciudad de Mexico 1977) is a graduated in Visual Arts, has degree studies in Academia de San Carlos and achieved a Visual Arts teacher grade with Honorable Mention by the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM). Has presented her work individually with the exhibitions “Gráfica Escritural” and “Crónica de la Derrota” and has been part of more than 30 collective exhibitions in Mexico, United States, Cuba, Costa Rica and Argentina. She has recently been selected in the “II Feria Internacional de Libros de Artista” within the frame of the “Festival de Fotoseptiembre, Centro de la Imagen, D.F. Mexico” (2011), in the seventh Bienal Nacional de Pintura y Grabado Alfredo Zalce, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce, Michoacán, Mexico (2009), in the “Joven Estampa”, Casa de las Américas, La Habana, Cuba (2009) and in the International Mini Print de Sarajevo, itinerant exhibition, Euro Art Centre, Sweden (2005).

Sonia Sánchez Avelar



22.02.2013 to 11.03.2013


The work in process “Réquiem” drifts from my participation in the project Crossover*. It raises the work in collaboration as a complex phenomenon that is not only limited to the intervention of a given image but also involves the reflection about subjects, concepts, creations and awareness made by other author and its revision from a different perspective. Although in the beginning one adopts others iconography, its intervention brings new ideas and productions in one’s personal development.  Now, the composition of this graphic series does not include the images that originated it but in a certain way its meaning is related with the proposal of the other. In this way, the work in collaboration-even from different latitudes- is transformed in cause and effect for the creative practice.

*Where the notion of virus worked by Miguel Rivera has encouraged me to analyze the double reading of the rat in relation with the human gender, being transmitter of the virus and subject for its study, potential danger and victim.