"Expanded field printmaking practices: areas of transgression" will be presented as a platform for reflection on the "expanded" printmaking, analyzing multiple visual examples of contemporary artists who use print media in situations of transgression.

In the particular case of printmaking, there is a breakdown of the conventional parameters that leads to a cyclical approach to other categories, such as photography, installations and video-and. This gap places itself  into a "in-between" category,  extending not only to technological displacement or hybridization of the practice but to the conception of art itself: the concern does not go through the definition of gender with which they work, even for the technique that the artists use but to the discursive effectiveness that artwork generates through these hybrid means.

Arte Impreso


1st Simposium

25.07.2012 to 27.07.2012

Alicia Candiani,  'ace´s director, has been invited to give the keynote lecture and integrate the Refereeing Committee of the papers that will be presented at the First Latin American Printmaking Symposium, to be held from  July 25 to 27  in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán in Tucumán. "Expanded Field Printmaking Practices: areas of transgression" is scheduled for July 25 at 10.30am.
The  symposium will be host by the Printmaking Workshop, College of Arts, at National University of Tucuman . The event looks forward to expand the debate related to contemporary printmaking through an open call to educators, researchers, artists and advanced students who are working on these issues. The program will address several areas: Interdisciplinarity and / or transdisciplinarity, Education, Production and circulation of artistic pieces, Techniques and procedures and Non-traditional and alternative editions.
In addition, the symposium covers a range of activities including workshops, printmaking techniques, an exhibition of posters and miniprints. For more information or to register and participate contact the organizers via e-mail simposioarteimpreso@yahoo.com.ar.