Serene Dakak (Haifa, Israel. 1991)

BA in fine arts and special education at Haifa University, 
Currently a graduate student in art therapy at Haifa university and an Art therapist in practice.

Serene Dakak



31.07.2017 to 25.08.2017

Serene Dakak is a Palestinian artist who was born and lives in Haifa, Israel.
As she defines it, it is a minority within Israel with its own institutions and community life. She is an artist and art therapist who uses art to understand, raise awareness and produce changes in herself and her context. She became interested in Argentina as a country of revolutions and resistance.


A paper has the ability to reflect inner experiences that are created within meeting different selfobjects, this reflection is an act of holding, time stopping, giving us an opportunity to observe what we internalize, miss and repress. Thus the observation at the artistic process and the final product helps us shape a more cohesive and an integrative self. 

This project plays both roles the converter, the Medium, of abstract thoughts, emotions and questions regarding self worth, self image and the general coping with our fast paced world into painting, but also a selfobject, the product, that creates a new experience. 

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