Alicia Candiani

Invited Artists
Hugh Merril (EEUU)

Guillermo Nuñez (Chile)

Rafael Trelles (Puerto Rico)

Mara Caruso, Lors Goran, 
Garry Kaulitz, Guy Langevin, 
Enrique Leal, Joan Oliver
, Miguel Rivera

8th Session coordinator
Doug Barker

Co-Director in Spain
Enrique Leal

Liason with Spain
Garry Kaulitz

Traveling exhibition coordinator

Valeria Zamparolo

Self-portraits III


Traveling Exhibition

02.07.2012 to 20.07.2012

"There's no reason not to check out the beauty, the inquiry, the self-awareness, the reflection, the profundity, the whimsy of Self Portraits: An International Traveling Exhibition" 

On July 2nd the 3rd stage for the Self-Portrait International Traveling Exhibition will open at Facultad de Artes de la Universidad Castilla La Mancha, Spain. ´ace is excited about to display Self-Portraits in an progressive multi-arts organization which offers a vibrant mix of contemporary visual, performing, literary and media art, and engaging in arts activism, human rights, community development, and life-long education. 

Self-portraits Project explores an art form in which many artists want to be remembered. It includes 93 pieces produced by artists from around the world, including Alaska, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Australia and Spain. 

The work was created over a four-year period, and will be exhibited in each community where the work was originated i a 2 years round trip around the world. The exhibit already was displayed at the Centre Raymond-Lasnier/Maison de la Culture in Trois Rivieres, canada and in Out North Galley in anchorage Alaska.  

This collaborative international art project is a Alicia Candiani’s original idea and Fundacion ´ace’s international endeavor. The exhibit creates a mural of diverse identities through digital media and various printmaking techniques. The final installation explores the diversity of the image through which the artists are represented with the aim to bring artists’ own images together from across races, ages, gender and places within the tradition and innovation of contemporary printmaking. In this way the exhibition was curated in modules that put together groups of artists exploring or referring to the same issues: POLITICAL/ IDENTITIES/ DREAMLAND/ TERRITORIES/ LANGUAGES / IRONIES / MISE EN SCENE / WOUNDS and DISPLACEMENTS.

According with Alicia's collaborative-curatorial project, Garry Kaulitz–coordinator of the Alaskian session- will travel to Spain with the pieces, starting an interface among the participating artists and institutions themselves. Enrique Leal (co-director in Spain during the 2nd Session, 2006) will be the local liason.

- - - - - - - - - - -
1st Session: Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Co-director: Joan Oliver / 2nd Session: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Cuenca, Spain. Co-Director: Enrique Leal / 3rd Session: ´ace. Buenos Aires, Argentina / 4rd Session: Grafikens Hus. Mariefred, Sweden. Co-director: Lars Göran / 5th Session: Atelier Presse Papier. Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Co-Director: Guy Langevin / 6th Session: Atelier Livre. Porto Alegre, Brazil.Co-Director: Mara Caruso / 7th Session: MTG Gallery. Anchorage, Alaska. Co-Director: Garry Kaulitz / 8th Session: Kansas City Art Institute. Kansas City, USA. Co-Director: Miguel Rivera. Coordinator: Doug Barker