Sara-Aimee Verity was born in 1981 in South Africa.  The artist received her BA from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.  In 2006 she earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art (Printmaking) from the University of Cape Town.  Currently she lives and works in Cape Town.

University of Cape Town, "The Graduate Show", 2006, Cape Town, South Africa.  What if the World Gallery, "Illustration Nation", 2006, Cape Town.  Dirt Contemporary Art Space, "Black and White Poster Project", 2005, Cape Town.

Sara-Aimee Verity


Public of One

07.05.2012 to 26.06.2012

The South African artist Sarah-Aimee Verity makes impressive installations playing with fiction and reality as well as questioning the Western perspective and way to "look at the world".


The creation of liminal space; inherent to this is both fiction and reality. I understand and experience what is ephemeral - desire, longing, memory and failure and/or loss - as a space I am physically able to move around in. I want to make this space visual.

Essentially I want to create spaces (that are an error to the way Western eyes interpret what they see) by playing with scale and mnemonics (photographs/documentation), that cannot in reality be possible, they cannot be realized such as what is liminal cannot be seen, a place that is larger than what I can comprehend.

I have used the ladder as a symbol of the 'wit of the staircase' - that one often is incapable of expressing the right words when in a scenario but, when one leaves the scenario (gets to the bottom of the staircase) one has a moment of clarity and has the ideal words.

The project aims at exploring these ideas and a continuation of older ideas and new ones too.