Santiago Ocampo
1987. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Professor of Fine Arts with specialization in Engraving, Santa Ana Higher Institute, Bs As.

2014 - 2016 Freelance - Digital illustrations for video games/ 2015 Illustrations for children's literature.
2016 Technical assembly of projectors for Tecnopolis
2017 Technical assembly of Faena Arts Center projectors - Biennale of Moving Images / Visual development for music festivals
2016/2017 Cultural Club Matienzo - Content management, assembly of work and production in the area of visual arts. Production and editing for audio visual festival - Let It VJ # 15.

2012 Williams Foundation - Engraving group exhibition
2015 [CYCLES] Portfolio exchange- Caja Gráfica - Fundación'ace and University of Nebraska Omaha (2016)

Santiago Ocampo



02.11.2017 to 15.11.2017

Santiago Ocampo was one of the selected artists within the Semillero 2017 call.

Trace is an interactive and generative installation in which the viewer is part of the piece. The work is based on the information that one leaves when entering the Web, the searches on the Internet that one makes, the geographical position, the operating system that one uses, the type of computer, etc. All this information that of which one is not generally aware, leaves a trace, a mark, in the immense world of the digital.

The installation was projected on a wall of the Polyglot Room, using a device placed on a pedestal about 2 meters from the screen. The spectator places his/her hand on the device activating the recording of the movement of his hand that will be animated when he moves his hand away, leaving a trail.

"My intention is to be able to generate works in which the viewer can immerse themselves, get lost and achieve through the union of technique and aesthetic sensibility, generate a sense of wonder and hypnotism."