Samuel Maita Argote
1992. Cochabamba, Bolivia

Graphic Design studies in 2012
2014, Bachelor in Visual Arts and Teology

Make group and individual exhibitions in Cochabamba, Oruro, Santa Cruz and La Paz.
Participated in international exhibitions in Bulgaria, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, China, Japan, Poland, Argentina and France

He received printmaking awards and prizes from the following institutions:
2012, 2013, Higher Institute of Plastic Arts "Raúl G. Prada"
2014, 2016, ABAP - Cochabamba in 2014, international foundation "Ivar Méndez"
2015, 2016, 2017, Municipal Contests of Santa Cruz
2015, 2017, Hall "Pedro Domingo Murillo"
2015, Eduardo Abaroa Plurinational Prize 2015

Samuel Maita



24.09.2018 to 19.10.2018

"Stereotypes" is the title of my project that focuses on the "discrimination" produced by preconceived ideas about human differences. Negative opinions by the color of the skin, place of origin, social class, religious belief, sexual orientation and other stereotypes that classify society with generalized labels.

My goal is to produce works that create a dialogue with the public, to get timely reflection on this social problem, which excludes and hurts our dignity. Accept differences with respect and understand the value of diversity in society. With the technical and curatorial assistance I know we can achieve it.
Buenos Aires, considered the multicultural capital of Latin America, is the best place to develop this project. Its great diversity will enhance the elaboration of the concepts for each work.

For the technical development of the project "Stereotypes" I will take as a conceptual reference its etymological origins (stereós) "solid" and (types) "impression, mold" to obtain new ideas in the technical use of the Engraving, the Xylography, the Drypoint, the Monocopy and other graphic techniques that allow me to experiment with molds and impressions.