Is an event that occurs periodically, on Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm. During these time ´ace opens its doors and exhibition spaces to the community to show projects made by the artists in residence as exhibitions, installations and audiovisual presentations, art works of Argentine and Latin American artists selected in a free way through Fusionarte Contemporaneo, present books, art critics, hold performances or to do everything together!


For the photos:

Pato Parodi
Valeria Samaniego
Rocío Mera Sepúlveda

For the wonderful music:

Mark Southerland
Christine Brebes
Andrés Beeusaert
Quique Ferrari 



Only Togethers


On October 10, 1from 7 to 10 pm do not miss the opening of "Bed of Roses [Twin Ghost]", American artist in residence Peregrine Honig´s exhibition and "1-1=1", an interactive installation with the public "1-1 = 1" by Argentine artist  MaJo Sanchez Chiappe . Both exhibitions are the result of its production within the 'acePIRAR,  Artist-in-Residence International Program.

Also, within the program "In Dialogue" we  also will be presenting  two exhibitions: "Altrove" and "Out of Time". At the Central Hall, Altrove,  Italian artist Alessandro  Cannistrà´s pieces, is an exhibition of works from the series that was included in the main exhibition at the Italian Pavilion in Illuminations, the 2011 Venice Biennial. Made with smoke on paper, the selection of these works was curated by Massimo Scaringella.

Also in the Espacio Transversal we will exhibit "Out of Time", a group show of Argentine artists Leonor Barreiro, Laura Morales, Andrea and Adriana Torres Serveras, who expressed  themselves through the difficult and ancient art of embroidery. The exhibition was co-curated by Alicia Candiani and Valeria Zamparolo from team ace.

In addition, on Wednesday at the opening will have a performance by the American musicians Mark Southerland and Christine Brebes and the Argentine ones Andrés Beeusaert and Quique Ferrari who will play Jazz and other musical genres.