Artistic collective 
Luciana Alamos
Romina Chaile
Marcela Cánepa
Gabriela Demichelis

Malditas Culebras


Re/Construcción del olvido

31.08.2016 to 14.10.2016

On Wednesday August 31 at the 'aceNITE “Projections” we had the pleasure to introduce the Heliographic Installation from the artistic collective Malditas Culebras, selected through the call Semillero 2016.

This artwork consisted of installing a wall paper in the Mezannine, in dialogue with houses hanged of the roof of the Central Hall. This two parts stablished games between the two- and three-dimension, between lighting and shade and presented a a constant levitation, both through the blueprinting wallpaper images and the almost floating houses, that refer to memories (in moments more enlightened and in others, more darkened). A work that arises as a call to awareness of the need to re-build and sustain memory.


The image of memory takes shape as part of a process that leads from darkness to light, it is revealed in the blueprint paper in those seconds that lasts the shortest possible perception of light, where memory and perception are past.

The re-construction of oblivion. Shadows, plans, structures, diffuse, unarmed re-constructed image and memory support.
"Along the past thinking of my true existence, subjected to the fatalities of matter, I made bloom from a breath a past according to my inner destinations. And dreaming of life, I naturally went to the ingenuous delight of this unreal memory."
Henri Bosco in The poetics of reverie, Gaston Bachelard