Rajkumar Shinge was born in Bombay, India in 1956. He is graduated in Design and Communication from the Sir J.J. School  of Applied Arts/ University of Mumbai (1980) where lately he received a Diploma in Metal and Enameling (1983). Documentary film maker and Photographer, currently he works, teaches and lives in Thane, Maharashtra Province in India. 

2011- Nature walk film festival, Pune, India
2009- Lalit kala Akademi –Teracotta Work Exhibition-Patna-Bihar, India
2008- Video Installation [Journey] NY Studio New York, USA
2007- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2006- Photography show on China VISIT at Piramal Art gallery. Bombay, India
2005- 2nd  Beijing International Art  Biennalle, China.
2003 -Jehangir Art Gallery. Bombay, India

2010- START Dubai. Amman, Jordan
2012- AIR Vallauri, France

Rajkumar Shinge



07.05.2012 to 25.05.2012

Rajkumar (Raj) Vasant Shinge is the first artist from India selected to do a residency among the ´ace International Artist in Residence Program.

This artist utilizes a wide range of techniques to make his art being clay, painting and video among them. He has exhibited his works widely in India as well as in the United States where he participed of the NYStudios MCI Video  Festival in 2008. 


As an artist I always travel with dreams ….but as human being I work in art. I make drawing and painting while explore the surroundings and  like to work in different mediums as terracotta or ceramics. I love to work in a sentimental way…my work reflect truth of installations say about life..I travel  a lot…and my traveling teach me life of Art. 

From 1993 I have been travelling around different parts of India. In Shantiniketan [Kolkatta] I worked with local potter in nature. At Bansthali  University I studied  Indian Fresco ..using natural colors  coming from earth and working/learning with traditional Indian artists working at “plaine air”. 

Later I joined the China Biennale where I have the opportunity to meet  international artists and exchange vision about art and peace.   Later, I visited Jordania at START Dubai Artist Residency to head a workshop for blinded refuges and orphan children.

At ´ace Artist Residency I plan to work on handmade papers with earth colors diluted in water  -each  day is new day for me  with new experience , a day of discovering.  I hope this three weeks Artist Residency give me new breathe of my life to share the art vision at Ace’Argentina.