Rachel Walther

1985, Phoenix, Arizona. 
Lives and works in Oakland, California.

2007, BFA – School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Emphasis in printmaking and photography.

Freelance editor and photographer; previous employment includes the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Chicago History Museum, Amoeba Records in San Francisco. 

Freelance collaborations include the California College of the Arts, the Film Noir Foundation, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Oakland Noir, African-American History Museum, Oakland
2015 Premonitions, Resurrect, Oakland
2012 Outest Sunset, Window Gallery at Last Avenue, San Francisco

Arts research editor, Gastronomica magazine (published by UC Press)
Managing editor, Missing Links Press. Curated and developed the book project Divine Gardens:
Mayumi Oda & the San Francisco Zen Center (published by Parallax Press, 2017)

Rachel Walther



29.10.2018 to 23.11.2018

Rachel Walther will explore the city of Buenos Aires and through photography she will search for threads of the different political moments, migratory processes and economical situations that have shaped the city in the last decades. 


So much of our identity and our personal history is wrapped up in the towns we choose to live in, yet in the very process of living we learn to tune out our environments and ignore the beautiful landscapes we inhabit in order to complete our daily tasks. We remain ignorant of the important and sometimes brutal events that shaped our communities. How can the soul of a place, a city, be conveyed in a photograph? I have spent the past year and a half developing my current body of work, centered on location portraiture. Not landscapes per-se, but documentation of locations as one would create a portrait of an individual, eliciting elements of their personality and attitudes in a single frame or a series. I’m seeking to document cities and places as one would a person. For me, these locations have just as much power, nuance, and complexity as any human subject. I want to immerse myself in the locations and histories of Buenos Aires, and devote my time to exploring not only the physical places, sounds, and moods of the city but dwell in what events and eras shaped the city as it exists today. I want to trace the forgotten landscapes of Buenos Aires, the places that have disappeared naturally over time due to inevitable progress and the places that were torn from the city during its many upheavals in the last century.