Rachel Sommer
1994. Gainesville, Florida. USA
A self-taught artist, she has studied photography at Santa Fe College and completed a film workshop at the Art Institute of Tampa but now focuses full-time on paintings and murals.

"Transitions," Workshop, Melbourne, Australia 

"Gazed and Confused," (Virtual) Girl Museum, "Transparency," TedxUF, "Permutation," Superfun Gallery, Gainesville, Florida, "Going Goth," at Orlando Museum of Art, "Homegrown," Civic Media Center, Eternity Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne, Australia and "Spotlight," Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida.

Rachel has participated in the Artist Incubator program at Black C Art Gallery in Gainesville, Florida and the Artful Dodgers International Artist Residency program in Melbourne, Australia. She was awarded with First place, Crowd favorite, Best logo, in the Alachua County library art show; and has produced artwork for companies such as Sailor Jerry rum company and Glimpse dating app.

Rachel Sommer


SUB30 Exploration

04.09.2017 to 29.09.2017

Rachel Sommer is an emergent artist who started her art career through graffiti and muralism in Australia. From that on she has dedicated full time to develop technically and conceptually. Without formal education in arts, Sommer shows a great dedication into fantasy and dark art, building step by step her alternative paths through the art world.


Casting highlights on each body of work to pierce the shadows that shrouds each of her subjects, Rachel focuses on finding balance of darkness and light. She uses sadness, rejection, manipulation, and heartbreak as a cornerstone to each artwork but to also show light breaking through and to give a sense of regaining strength. Like any artist, her process of making artwork is messy. Experimenting with different mediums, she creates a story and an entire world around her subject; Inviting you in and making you question what has happened to this person to cause such pain? Where are they going from here? Most people have a cornerstone of some traumatic experience or suffering of some kind. Rachel works to provide an insight into that dark place and provides a glimmer of hope and a sense of regaining strength. Always remember how far you have come.