Eric Javier Markowski

Professor of Fine Arts in Painting in the Universidad Nacional de La Plata –UNLP-,Faculty of Fine Arts -FBA- (2010). Seminar for art work analysis with Luis Felipe Noé (2010). Exchange scholarships in Uruguay with the Institute of Fine Arts -UdelaR- (2008 and 2012, as student-teacher-like), and Brazil (2014) with the Universidade do Minas Gerais -UFMG-.

Grant for improvement in the workshop of Hermenegildo Sabat (2011).
Contemporary Art Residencies in Bogotá-Colombia-(2011), Villa Alegre- Chile (2012), Rio de Janeiro-Brazil (2012), Morelia -Mexico- (2013) and Valparaiso-Chile (2015).

Solo exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts -UNLP- (Chair of Visual Language IB) Secondary School Education (Colegio San José de La Plata), private workshops in drawing and painting ( "The Ant" and Leopoldo Marechal CC) and at the Universidad del Este -UDE- in the Department of Visual Language-I for Fashion Design.
Selected for Contemporary Art Program PAC 2015-/Panal 361 (C.A.B.A.) and for the Bienal de Arte Joven 2015-Obra Terminada («Argentum I») (C.A.B.A.).

Eric Markowski


Fetiche Afiche


Eric Javier Markowski is one of the artists selected in the Call SEMILLERO 2016 and its series "feticheAFICHE" was presented at the 'aceNITE "Another place" on June 8, 2016.

“Afiche" is taken from the lyrics of the tango "Afiches" from Homero Exposito and Atilio Stampone (1956), and is linked to the recurrent use of poster as support on which draw or paint. The project combines drawings of observation on word searches sheets and its registration with photography. The poster appears in this case as format and final reference of the images produced. The route, search and movement are put in tension through the concept of fetish understood both its materialistic conception and its magical and ritual sense.

It has an approximate development of four years, covering the production of drawings, photographs, posters, exhibitions in galleries, universities, spaces of autonomous art and residences, three (3) Days of Intervention of the project’s posters and several actions in the public space.

The drawings on word searches accidentally emerged in the Residency of Contemporary Art organised by Curatoria Forense (Jorge Sepulveda T./Curador independent-Ilze Petroni / Researcher of Contemporary Art) "Social Summer Camp III: Animal Farm" in Villa Alegre, Chile (2012). There came the first drawings and photographs of the places I traveled through, as I sticked or took posters. These drawings and photographs became since then, the main body of the Project.
Posters printed so far have been funded under the Economic Scholarship Research Support, Exchanges and Residences:
Fellowship-SAE de Iniciación en la Investigación 2013 (FBA-UNLP)
Exchange Scholarship -'Teaching Program Scale” (UFMG) - Economic support the CED in Residence Galvez Inc. and organised by the Pan Gallery.

The locations where actions related to the project took place are so far: Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico