Nöel Loeschbor born in Cordoba in 1977. Graduated from UNC in 1999 of Art Profesor, and in 2001, BA in Printmaking.
He has participated in numerous exhibitions in National Salons, including collective and individual. And has received awards: Jury Mention, Textile Art in the 97th edition of Nac, Visual Arts, Palais de Glace 2008, 1st prize in engraving, Young Artists of the province of Córdoba 2007, 2nd Prize of Engraving, 1st Lounge Punilla2003 International, 1st prize Esc Ex Libris Art Cosquín 2002, among others.

Nöel Loeschbor



17.12.2012 to 21.12.2012

With this Micro-residence Nöel deepen her series "Stories on Transparencies" giving a technical twist. In the workshops of 'ace Foundation and next to the Master Printer, Adriana Moracci, Nöel inroads in Waterless photolithography.

It's about experiencing the endless possibilities of printmaking techniques play on different surfaces, textiles, where the characteristics of the textures, transparencies and colors magnify and diversify the results, but both are enhanced by the malleability support, enabling actions as, twisting, warp, stretch, overlap, tear, etc.
The materialization of the plate has a special study, understanding first that the woodcut technique on canvas using various materials enables essentially exalt the game textures. To this is added the concept of the plate as a body composed of several parts that playing is achieved by combining and selecting various compositional effects that multiply and move the static image of traditional engraving.

On 2015, Nöel Loeschbor was invited to exhibit the project "Relatos Grabados" in Espacio MODOS. Get to know more about this exhibition here: