Nicole Mueller (USA, 1989) currently lives & works in Baltimore, Maryland, USA as an artist and the co-founder of a mural painting team Blue Lined Designs. She received her BFA in 2012 from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she studied painting & illustration. 

She has most recently exhibited at the International Arts Movement space in New York, NY and at Creative Paradox in Annapolis, MD where she was an artist-in-residence from 2012–2013. 

Nicole Mueller


Character Development

20.08.2013 to 06.09.2013

SUB30 artist Nicole Muller aims to absorb as much of Buenos Aires’ culture as she can to make a series of collages and small paintings that will lead into future paintings and animations she will realize after her residency stay at ´ace.


Using paint, collage, & stop-motion animation, I’ve been developing a language of lines, shapes, & squiggles that playfully dance around ideas of chaos vs. balance, relationships, & transformation. My work is a process of bringing together contrasting elements and trying to make a cohesive whole, of creating an abstract narrative where change is constant. 

“Character Development” will draw influence from the colorful culture, architecture, & landscape of Buenos Aires to continue exploring the relationship of input vs. output, and the process of filtering one into the next.