Monika Nguyen is a Vienna-based stage designer and artist working in the fields of spatial installation and photography.

She studied Set Design for Stage and Film at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Parsons School of Design in New York and Tokyo University of the Arts. Artist-in-Residences in Sao Paulo, Cairo, Buenos Aires, Montreal and Beijing.

Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2007, Theodor Körner Prize 2009, scholarships by the University of Applied Arts Vienna, City of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture.

Monika Nguyen


The mind´s eye


Monika Nguyen’s works emphasize socio-cultural concerns, focusing on extreme and exceptional social situations, setting her work in architectural environments, which acts as stages of her narratives.

When Monika arrived to Argentina she was interested about the current increase of theft and violence against private houses in the city.  Her idea was to  make photographs of a staged burglary scene at a residential house in Buenos Aires. Like a comic strip, the single photos would narrate the burglaries break into a residential house. However,  her first proposal  developed in a much more sophisticated analysis: how the people is suggested about the insecurity and some times (influenced by the news, media and collective psychosis) imagine situations that does not exist at all. 

Finally, in her exhibition at ‘ ace, she is showing two series of photos shoot in Buenos Aires recently. In the first series a couple of dolls are the supposed victims of their own space. The hidden person, in the second series, is trying to remain unseen from the house owner. Monika’s background as a stage designer for theater, film and photography is present in these series where the protagonist is threatened and stalked in a cold and theatrical architectural scenery.  Through the anxiety of the intrusion of a (unknown) person into an individual space the artist also suggests that it might also be just an appearance in “the mind's eye”. AC

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