Born 1984 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, USA


Old Dominion University, Studio Art & Biology

B.F.A in Fashion Design and
B.F.A in Fibers, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA. USA 

“Yes Chef.” Otion Front Studio, 1196 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
“Nights Eyes”
 Bushwick Open Studios, 885 Willoughby, Brooklyn, New York.
“God, Those People”
 Studio 109, Brooklyn, New York. 
“Winter Salon Show”
 Space 776, Brooklyn, New York. 
Red Kite Studio, Savannah, GA, Fibers Force Fine Arts Show 

Natalie Fragola



29.02.2016 to 18.03.2016

Natalie Fragola is a visual artists which develops her work through 
scientific experimentation. She is based in New York and is the owner of “Obra Obscura” a creative studio that specializes in textile dyeing and fabrication for film, fashion and theater industry. 

After finishing the 'acePIRAR residency, Natalie exhibited the produced work at POPA Art Gallery in La Boca, Buenos Aires. 


My work is a showcase of my excitement, desire for exploration, and expression of emotions translated into color. 

I am deeply inspired by the union of science and art. I employ the elements of chance, climate, and alchemy to create organic time-based works in various mediums; including dyes (natural & synthetic), textiles, watercolor, horse hair, and bones. Along with these experiments and findings, I hope to connect with people through color, pattern, and nature; using complimentary shapes and contradictory textures to stimulate the brain in abstract ways.

Currently, I am experimenting with naturally-occurring pigments and raw auxiliary chemicals. These elements change and shift over time in reflection of nature itself, in addition to being more sustainable and less toxic. I would like to highlight the natural attraction of these colors to the viewer as a way of exploring our collective relationship with nature.