Myles Calvert
1983, Collingwood, Ontario (Canada)
Lives and works in the USA

MA – Printmaking – Camberwell College of Arts (London, United Kingdom)
PGCE – University of Brighton (Hastings Campus, United Kingdom)
BAH – Studio Art & Art History – University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada)

He is currently a Visiting Professor in Expanded Print Media at Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics and a Sessional Instructor at OCADU (Ontario College of Arts and Design University) in Toronto.  

He worked for the National Portrait Gallery at Trafalgar Square before moving to Hastings in East Sussex to teach printmaking at Sussex Coast College and become Duty Manager of the newly built Jerwood Gallery (contemporary to modern British art). He also taught in the University of Guelph Advanced and Experimental Printmaking.

Art Print Residence (Barcelona), Arquetopia (Puebla, Mexico), and the Banff Centre for the Arts (Alberta, Canada).

Myles Calvert


Affective Sofas

15.07.2019 to 09.08.2019

We are pleased to receive Myles Calvert as invited international visiting artist in residence  during July and August. 


Current work explores the relationships that develop between everyday objects of comfort and popular culture interferences. Influences are heavily drawn from contemporary and modern printmakers such as Richard Hamilton and Paula Rego.  Interests lie in the ideals of Romanticism - exploration of unique moments and personal emotion through the use of shape and colour.

Unique surfaces are explored through print - specifically CMYK rip software (screenprint, photopolymer etching, laser woodblock), halftone structures and manipulations of those patterns / angles to achieve controllable photographic to distorted variants. The digital glitch present through Adobe software programs drives forward the question of technologies place and developing role in traditional processes. In particular, focus has been on melding traditional woodcut with laser woodcut variants, exploring MDF vs, plywood and plexiglass matrices. TroTech and Epilogue lasers offer different focal lenses that achieve a wide spectrum of refinement with unique surfaces. Environmentally friendly substitutes, photopolymer plates, and the ‘pushing’ of print possibilities through advancements in other mediums, is a constant drive to produce and exhibit.


Using a mixture of photographic and hand-rendered images (multiple plates) of different sofas / chesterfields / love seats throughout the ages, I intend to shift their colours to suggest a mood, era, and emotion (affect). 

This project is about colour theory. I intend to use the time dedicated to keep meticulous records of ink layering, transparencies, and combinations, which will lead to a better understanding of colour harmonies and interaction. I return to the objects which are mundane, constant, and slowly evolving, as to relate to a greater audience.

The objects are recognizable and stable. I reference photography, the landscape, and hint towards advertising when objectifying these household possessions. Showing a collection of the same image, repeated in different (yet intentionally chosen) colours palettes, enforces the purpose and original intention of the medium. Using the same plates in various orders and viscosities, with roll-overs and subtle gradients, I intend to make a new body of work, focusing on a moody but changing atmosphere that develops over time.