Antoni Muntadas was born in Barcelona in 1942 and has lived in New York since 1971. Through his works he addresses social, political and communications issues such as the relationship between public and private space within social frameworks, and investigates channels of information and the ways they may be used to censor or promulgate ideas. His projects are presented in different media such as photography, video, publications, the Internet, installations and urban interventions.



Between the Frames


Between the Frames: The Forum (1983-93) is the result of Muntadas's interest in understanding why the intermediaries between the artist, the artwork and the public gained so much power in the 1980s. The installation comprises eight sections, each corresponding to an intermediary - dealers, collectors, galleries, museums, docents, critics, media and artists - arranged in a circular structure that evokes the form of a Panopticon.

By means of a critical essay and an interview with Muntadas, Anne Bénichou, the editor of this publication, reveals how the artist's working process is more archaeological than documentary in its approach. The emphasis is not so much on what is said or on who says it, but on allowing the public to use this space to construct their own narratives. This is the second volume of Col.lecció de la Col.lecció, an editorial line of the MACBA that showcases works or groups of works by artists that play an important role in the MACBA Collection.